6 strategies to attract customers for repeat purchases

Rebecca Menezes | Sep 10, 2020

Here’s a fun fact: It costs a lot less to sell to loyal customers than it does to new ones. According to studies, it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain existing ones. That’s not all, loyal customers will keep buying from you and there are chances they will tell others to buy from you too.

To acquire your own clan of loyal online shoppers you must get them to trust you. The best way to earn consumer trust is by delivering quality goods every time. Multi-channel order and inventory management company, Browntape informs us that in addition to a good quality product your product descriptions and product images need to mirror your products appropriately to gain loyal customers.

But what if you have done all this and your brand still doesn’t stick with your customers? Don’t fret because there are more you can do to magnify the attraction towards your brand.

1. Make the next purchase worth their while

The experts at Browntape suggested that the best way to get consumers to come back for more is if you give them a reason to. You can create voucher codes and slip them in your product packaging for the customer on his next purchase.

Amazon.in allows you to prepare voucher codes for your products. It is a promotion feature offered by the online marketplace. The code generated enables you to offer customers:

  • Free shipping
  • Money off (on products in the form of discounts)
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Customised offers

A single voucher code can be used for multiple products or a single item. At the same time, multiple voucher codes can be created for a single item, the offer is decided by you. The end date of the voucher code can be set up to a certain date or left open for an uncertain amount of time. Another helpful feature about this option is, you can choose to hide or display your voucher codes on Amazon. This way you can choose who gets to use the code. For example, only consumers who have made a purchase from you, as you will be sending them the code.

Let’s look at a situation where you sell baby products. A customer buys feeders bottles from you. Now, you can add your voucher code on pacifiers (or the same item) into the packaging of the feeders because the consumer is likely to buy that item too (again).

Have a look at how voucher codes appear on Amazon-

2. Go the extra mile

If you can, try and offer your consumers the benefit of after sales services. It is difficult for some to obtain much-needed assistance after the purchase of items like televisions, desktops, sound systems and even furniture. You can mention on your product page the different after sales services you provide.

Manufacturer warranty and guarantees are also useful to customers and make them feel secure when purchasing from you for the first time and all over again.

3. Send reminders

Make sure you remind customers right from day one you have other products available and at attractive prices. Before you ship an order be sure to leave your customer a note in the package with maybe a link to (or names of) your products that are on discount. If your marketplace does not let you create promo codes like we mentioned above you can use this as you fall back option. This way the customer can come back to you for more goods.

You can inform them of your limited period offers and even provide a leaflet of the products going on sale. Or you can also use the marketplace chat feature to inform existing buyers about deals and offers or your wide range of products.

4. Add a personal touch

Always show consumers you appreciate them by thanking them for buying from you.Online seller Narendran specialises in the sale of clothing. As he self-ships products to customers he can obtain customer contact details and connect with them directly.

He said, “For every customer after the order is placed we have to contact them on Whatsapp with a thank you message,  ask if they want anything extra and keep sending updates like packing pictures. We send constant updates till we ship and updates customers after sales too.”

5. Exceed expectations

Online seller Ayush Sharma an ethnic wear sell stated, “By describing full details of products we encourage consumers to buy from our brand Applecreation.”

The seller also states that they go the extra mile by connecting with customers directly to provide them with an enhanced experience.

He said, “We encourage consumers to buy from our brand by calling them and tacking their feedback for all our products. And, if they don’t like the product we take it back through returns and refund them. We sell on all the major portals, but we specially practice this method on Amazon.in.”

Also, make sure you deliver your goods quickly. Try to have everything from your end ready when orders come in. Engage in marketplace programmes that could speed up the delivery process. In addition to this, you can also boost your status on an online marketplace by becoming an Assured seller on Flipkart or perhaps a Fulfilled seller on Amazon. Always make sure you a pro with the basics like your product descriptions and images. And, make sure your customer gets a choice, not only in products but exchanges and refunds as well.

6. Match your competitor’s price

It is always advisable to check out your competitor’s listings to see how they have priced their products. If their prices are lower than yours check their products. You can try buying their items (if feasible) for comparison purposes. If that’s not possible check their customer reviews to understand the quality of their products and if consumers claim they are getting their money’s worth. Compare these with what you are offering and see if you can make any improvements in pricing.

However, make sure you do not go too low with your prices or you may forfeit profits. Have a look at this article for a better understanding on when it’s best to lower your prices.

Before expansion, you must perfect customer loyalty. It is a more feasible option for sales growth. With the help of these six tips, you should be able to get there. Remember the key takeaway here is meeting customer needs, exceeding expectations and creating an awareness about your products.

If you like these tips let us know. And, if you would like to share your own tips and views on customer loyalty in ecommerce, head over to the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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