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Editor | Sep 10, 2020

It is a well-known fact that Indian consumers are extremely peculiar and ecommerce has had several hurdles to overcome before it could gain the trust of an Indian consumer. The first among these challenges was substituting the ‘touch’ experience when buying a product. Indian consumers would usually prefer to inspect a product personally before investing their money to make a purchase. Ecommerce tackled this challenge by offering high-definition photographs which they could see instead, along the incentives of deep discounts and cash-on-delivery payment option to acquire more and more customers.

It is therefore extremely important to have a good catalogue of your products to increase sales and encourage customers to buy more and more products. Here are a few pointers we think make a product catalogue exceptional:

a. High-definition photographs:

The importance of this aspect cannot be stressed enough. It is extremely important to have good quality, high-definition photographs of products which look very professional. This is because good pictures are the only way that customers get to know a product better. This is especially true in the case of fashion apparel and accessories, where the appearance of a product is what makes it valuable in the first place. If you have a tight budget, we have explained how good pictures can be taken at home with certain guidelines.

b. Products clicked at different angles:

Everyone has experienced how a studio photographer asks members of a family to shift their chins or their postures before a good photograph can be clicked. This clearly proves how important it is to take a picture at an angle that brings out the best in a product. Many marketplaces already have their specifications about the angles in which they want product photos. Besides these guidelines, a seller should also make sure that the pictures display the best angle of the product, according to its specific appearance and features.

Appealing picture composition:

This is an important aspect as well. For example, if the product being sold is a jewelled ring, the picture should not be a full-length shot of a beautiful model wearing the ring. Though the picture on its own may be impressive, it does not allow the customer to examine the ring from close-up. In this case, a picture should only be taken of the ring being worn on a hand, which ensures the viewer’s complete focus is on the product being offered. The same applies to all other products. Pictures should be composed in an effective and appealing way.

c. Multimedia experience:

Some websites like Jabong are going a step further and are even offering short videos of a model walking a ramp in certain garments, in addition to still pictures of the same. This is useful for elaborate or expensive fashion apparel, the value of which can only be illustrated by a motion picture. It also gives the customer a multi-dimensional view of the same product, which could probably help in convincing an unsure customer to go ahead with the purchase. These short videos are the closest ecommerce companies can get to replace the ‘inspect’ aspect when buying a product online.

Bad photography could affect sales

Experts in this field stress the important of a good catalogue to encourage sales. Especially in fashion apparel and accessories, which is currently ruling the roost in ecommerce, good pictures are the main push to increase in sales. However, experts warn that the pictures should also replicate the actual product as much as possible, without being edited into something that looks any better than the actual product. Even a slight colour difference in the pictures is not acceptable and if it cannot be helped – say in case of a double-colour shiny dress material, it should be clearly mentioned with the product description that the photograph may represent the product differently. This is because inaccurate photography can cause a high product return or exchange rate because a consumer is not satisfied with the different-looking product that is received. If this becomes a regular feature with your products, the seller can even gain bad reviews and may suffer a drop in overall ratings. This could eventually affect sales!

This is why it is extremely important to have a very professional and accurate product catalogue when selling online. Even Flipkart is offering to help sellers with creating better catalogues. It is one of the most crucial aspects of ecommerce that should be taken very seriously by those who want to have a successful and profitable ecommerce run.

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