1. Kavish Wadhwa Reply

    Typical textbook answers. Nothing helpful was discussed.

  2. Nadeem Reply

    I am not convinced sir, you are starving sellers by increasing your fees which is too high up to 30%, and your easy ship transport is costliest in market…try to reduce your fees

  3. Shrikant Biyani Reply

    We registered our firm E-Stores Trading Company on “Amazon.in” in the month of May 2016 to sell products online. We are totally focused on this online venture and don’t sell any products offline. Our mission is to list around 1000 sku in next two years and be one of the best sellers on Amazon.

    Our business motto is to connect the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to the world of online marketplace. These SMEs don’t have the necessary bandwidth and infrastructure to handle online sales and marketing. As a result we have purchased good from these SMEs and have been selling through Amazon. We have the requisite authorization from all these SMEs to sell their products online. Our products range is wide and ranges from disposable kitchenware like spoon, forks, knife, stirrer, glasses, leather bags, artefacts, dining table mats, showpieces, dry fruit trays, boxes, lunch boxes and water bottles, mobile and tablet covers and cases etc. we have listed around 250 sku on Amazon.

    On 29 Nov our account has been suspended without any prior notice or warning. On 29th Nov we were informed that due to infringement of intellectual rights the account has been suspended. Till date the account has not been activated and we are not in a position to communicate with amazon performance or seller support team. Without any intimation of detailed reasoning for the suspension (which SKU is a problem etc), we don’t know what action is required to fix the issues. We have already provided all the authorisation letter to Amazon performance through ATES and the plan of action.

    We have also applied for FBA to increase our business proposition.

    Kindly look into the matter and suggest a way forward

  4. ankit Reply

    What amazon Executive Says :

    If it is brought to our notice that sellers are using our marketplace platform to sell fake or counterfeit products, we work with the sellers to bring such products down from our website.

    We bought number of incident about sellers who is selling duplicate toners but still some sellers selling toners under manufacturer price which is 100 % duplicate , no fast action taken against such seller.

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