Paytm updates app features; Sellers to engage in more advanced on the go selling

Online marketplace apps for sellers may not be an everyday method of online selling. However, they do help manage online retail businesses while on the go. Currently, as per online seller opinions, marketplace apps of the seller panel do not match the desktop version’s level of efficiency. But marketplaces are making a conscious effort to change this.

Paytm introduced new features to its online seller app on Android and IOS. These features it claims will allow sellers to keep a track of the online retail business while on the go.

What’s new on the Paytm’s Android app?

  1. Revised payments tab

Payment and transaction details are much easier to view and manage with the updated version of Paytm’s seller app. The changed payments tab now offers the following features:

– Easy tracking details

– Visible transactions

– Integration with file center

– Detailed payout breakdown at a click

– Customized reports for individual settlements

– View date-wise payments

The etailer has also changed it’s the payments tab on its seller panel to induce transparency and quicker and more efficient performance in this department.

  1. Payment calculator

The payment calculator feature allows sellers to easily view payouts for products sold and those sellers want to sell. It includes commissions, services taxes and the shipping charges at the local, zonal, metro and national level.

  1. Multi-lingual option

The updated Paytm app now lets its sellers carry out their business in the language of their preference. Sellers can choose between 7 different languages on the app as well as on the seller panel. The languages include:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi
  • Kannada
  • Tamil
  • Telgu
  • Gujarati

What’s new on the Paytm’s IOS app?

The payments tab and payment calculator is also available on the Paytm IOS app. In addition to these sellers using the IOS app also get the benefit of these new features:

  1. Quick, easy sign-up and selling

The sign up via app is quick and simple. All sellers have to do is fill out details, upload necessary documents, submit them and begin selling.

  1. Upload products from phone

The means of uploading products is much easier and direct this way says the marketplace. All sellers need to do is click pictures of the product, enter required details and submit them for products to be uploaded. This feature even offers the option of searching and adding variants of products already in the catalogue list.

  1. Easy order processing

Multiple order details can be viewed, in a single click orders can be processed and delivered to customers in a correct and timely fashion. The feature has made order processing easier and streamlined.

  1. View catalogue and manage inventory

This feature allows sellers to manage business and stay updated in the smartest possible way. Sellers can view their product catalogue, manage inventory and update stock, all with the help of this feature.

  1. Business insights

This feature on Paytm’s seller app provides latest news updates and business insights to keep sellers updated. It gives sellers analysis of cancellations, returns, orders and total sales.

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