Snapdeal provides Sellers new packaging material free of cost

Snapdeal revamped its entire online retail image last week. In light of its bold new brand identity, Unbox Zindigi, the etailer informed online sellers via email that it will be changing its packaging material as well.

What about stocks of old packaging already purchased?

In its email, Snapdeal acknowledged doubts most sellers may have about the new packaging introduction.

The etailer said, We realize that you may have existing stock of packaging polybags with our previous brand identity. Hence, we are shipping new packaging polybags to you at zero additional cost.”

Snapdeal also told online sellers it has reviewed it has reviewed their order fulfillment and packaging material order history and estimated their existing stock of polybags. Accordingly, the new count of new polybags will be shipped. Sellers can check the number of new polybags they will receive here. To check enter your seller code.

What if the estimates are less than stock of old packaging?

Sellers  can collect additional packaging free of cost before the 28th of September.

The online marketplace mentioned, “If your existing stock exceeds our estimated number, you can replace the remaining polybags for new ones free of cost at one of our warehouses before 28 September, 2016.”

The following warehouses offer this facility:

(Obtained from Snapdeal email to online sellers)

Sellers must bear these points in mind

Snapdeal told online sellers in its email update that:

  • Snapdeal’s courier partners will not accept orders packed in the old packaging material after:
  • 28th September 2016 across all cities
  • 6th October 2016 across the Northeastern region
  • Timely orders must be placed for additional packaging polybags, to avoid a last minute rush during the festive season
  • Snapdeal will pickup the remaining stock of old packaging material from sellers by 28th September 2016
  • Polybags will be delivered before the estimated timeline if possible
  • In case of issues regarding the new polybags, sellers can write to Snapdeal at before 7th October

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  1. Pankaj Kumar Reply

    They are just providing sample sizes

  2. Chirag Jain Reply

    What a JOKE it is. The contents in mail are much different and real story is not even told. Snapdeal is not accepting Diwali sale, Dil ki Deal and bachatey raho printed polybags. We called warehouse manager Mr. Gajendar Kumar and these minute details were communicated to us telephonically by him. This is not free packaging, this is looting the seller and unethical and irresponsible business practice. Seems they want to make profit by selling printed polybags now.

  3. Chirag Jain Reply

    Further on opening the excel sheet and on entering the seller code, it showed zero packaging being sent to us, even though we have piles of stock lying with us of packaging that needs replacement as per new policy.

  4. this wrong to say Snapdeal providing packing material free of cost, It is better to say free to exchange.

    Smart Shophar

  5. I have neither received any such email nor any new packaging material. I have heaps of old stock lying too.

  6. jodhpur Reply

    Snapdeal main business becomes – profit on polybags.
    Changes are too frequent by them.

  7. manish gupta Reply

    Snapdeal not interested to serve orders in their portal only interested to sell their packing material only.

  8. Amir Reply

    The Best and the only working department Snapdeal is Marketing. Rest all are useless. Snapdeal is only good at promoting itself and not to serve. Snapdeal dosen’t want to work with us, they are working us. Stupid, illogical and biased rules and restriction. Manipulating our listings. Useless product search algorithm on website. Badly maintained website. Under informed Customer care customer executive. Editing team who lack basic common sense. Manipulating us to opt for advertising our products and earn on it. All they want is extort money from seller from everything and anything they can.They have become thug. Very soon they will realize they are not alone in the market.

  9. Sanjana Reply

    Worse experience as seller on snapdeal. They are the worse. Charges stock out commission from sellers even if its their own mistake and they promised you in past not charging that amount. Looks like they are just trying to earn money from sellers as no buyer want their expensive products. As a seller I have to sell my products in more price on Smapdeal because of their high fee. Closed my account temporarily with them. I don’t know what to do with their packaging, will they pick it and return my money I paid for packaging material?

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