Learning about Marketplace Fulfilment Services; What type of Online Seller are you? [Part 1]


You already heard of the regular online sellers, so what makes a Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Fulfilled and Snapdeal Plus seller different from the rest?

Flipkart Advantage, Fulfilled by Amazon and Snapdeal Plus are all fulfillment services offered by these marketplaces. The basic understanding of this is that the marketplace takes care of order processing, packaging and logistics, all of which make up the fulfillment procedure. That’s not all! Sellers availing of this marketplace facility enjoy a higher online retail reputation.

Through this informative piece we plan on teaching you the basics of being a Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Fulfilled and Snapdeal Plus sellers.

How Does It Work?

Each of the three marketplaces follows the same fulfillment principle. As a regular online marketplace seller you need to maintain inventory and worry about shipments to consumers. With the fulfillment service you don’t have to do through the usual hassles of online selling.

Marketplaces Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart provide these benefits to Amazon Fulfilled sellers, Snapdeal Plus sellers and Flipkart Advantage sellers:

  1. Limited inventory management

By availing of fulfillment services you transfer your inventory to your marketplace. The marketplace will check the quality of your products before stocking them. Then with every order placed for your products the marketplace will process, pack and ship the products to the selected designation. With these tasks out of the way, you have more time on your hands to focus on our business in terms of promotions, expansion or diversification.

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  1. Faster delivery

With your products at the fulfillment center, you do not have to wait for the marketplace logistic partner to come to you and collect the product. The logistics service in ties with your marketplace will directly take your products from the marketplace to the consumer. As the marketplace has your products, you can also afford to promise one day delivery or same day deliver options, for even faster delivery to consumers.

  1. Easy returns

As a Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Fulfilled or Snapdeal Pus seller, you are backed by the marketplace and their policies. Like the 30 day replacement guarantee policy from Flipkart. Reverse pickups are guaranteed too in some cases, so you don’t have to stress about the return logistics.

  1. Quality packaging

Marketplaces have built their brands based on quality. Your products will not leave their premises without their quality packaging. This will ensure your products not only look good but are also well packaged.

  1. Customer trust

Buyers are assured quality goods, high speed delivery and trouble free returns from fulfilled sellers. The seller’s badge as displayed in these images grabs consumer attention. The consumer assumes you have direct ties with the marketplace and they ensure you follow stringent quality control. Amazon Fulfilled sellers provide free delivery and cash on delivery options, which is another alluring feature in the consumers eyes.





Stay tuned for part 2, where we explain to you the process of becoming an Amazon Fulfilled seller, Snapdeal Plus seller and Flipkart Advantage seller.

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