Learning about Marketplace Fulfilment Services; How do you avail of them? [Part 2]


The benefits of marketplace fulfilment services can given an online seller just the edge he needs to promote himself from an ordinary seller to a first rate online seller. Just like we explained in Part 1 of our online marketplace fulfillment series. With the marketplace badge confirming your advanced selling position, consumers will trust you more. Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Fulfilled and Snapdeal Plus sellers have higher credibility compared to the average online marketplace seller. This simple status can sway purchase decisions in your favor.

So how do you get the promotion?

How to become a Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Fulfilled and Snapdeal Plus seller

First and foremost one needs to be an online seller on a marketplace to become a Flipkart Advantage, Amazon Fulfilled and Snapdeal Plus seller. In case of Flipkart, the seller can request the marketplace to consider him or her for this fulfillment service. Once you raise a ticket with the marketplace, they will evaluate your performance as an online seller on their platform. If you meet the criteria, Flipkart will send you an invite to become a Flipkart Advantage seller. The same goes for Amazon and Snapdeal, if you want to become a specialized seller on these marketplaces.

On Amazon it takes about 15 – 20 days for the marketplace to create a case. Then only will an Amazon manager be assigned to your ticket.

Marketplaces also contact top performing sellers to avail of this feature. This means you are doing well on the marketplace and with support from the marketplace you could take your online retail business to the next level.

NOTE: Flipkart Advantage (FA) is still an invitation-only based service. The marketplace regularly reviews its seller performance to identify top sellers for the compelling proposition around FA services.

The 3 Step Registration Process

Step – 1 Agree to the marketplace terms

In the invitation email from the marketplace you will find a link. Click on it and fill out the necessary details and agree to the terms of registration. On completion you will receive an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the marketplace.

Step – 2 Update VAT certificate

The next step is to add your marketplace’s warehouse address to your VAT certificate. On your Vat certificate it will show as your additional place of business.

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Step – 3 Create shipment

Finally the seller needs to create a shipment, i.e. transfer his inventory to the marketplace warehouse. The seller must paste these details on every product being shipped to the marketplace warehouse.


– Color

– Model id/Style Code( If Any)

– Size (If Any)

– MRP “Inclusive of all taxes” should be mentioned on products

The labels with these details must be printed and not hand written. Or else the marketplace will not accept the products. Attaching a label is a mandatory requirement from both a legal perspective and the marketplace perspective.

Marketplace Requirements

According to Flipkart, an online seller must follow these requirements when packaging a product:

packaging norms


The charges for fulfilment services vary from marketplace to marketplace and within a marketplace the pricing is based on the type of category your products fall into in addition to the size of your products (post packaging) and your location as well.

When transferring goods to the marketplace warehouse the seller will have to foot the costs of shipment. Here are the FA shipping charges, so you can understand the kind of finances it takes to be a specialized online marketplace seller:

Capture 1 Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

NOTE: If the seller’s pin code is not serviceable according to the marketplace the seller will have to ship the products himself to the marketplace warehouse.

Amazon’s FBA services have a flexible rate structure that allows you to pay only for those services you use. There are no additional subscription fees, no minimum units and no start up fees.

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