How can New Snapdeal Ads Enable Sellers to Target the Right Audience?

It’s easy to get ignored in an online marketplace. You have no megaphone to scream out your wares and no way of distinguishing the same products your competitors are selling on the same marketplace. Many marketplaces are aware of this situation and in order to help their sellers compete they allow them to advertise.

Alibaba’s marketplace advertisements sparked an interest among Indian etailers. Flipkart, eBay and Amazon already have their advertising options in place. Snapdeal joined them last November with its very own advertising feature. Reports claimed the marketplace would introduce native advertising first, on desktop, mobile and its app. Banner ads and other forms of advertising would be looked into much later.

Snapdeal’s New and Improved Ad Platform

Snapdeal has launched a new version of its advertising platform called Snapdeal Ads. It is designed to assist online sellers boost their brand visibility, instantly calculate results and ultimately drive their ecommerce business to success.

Through the new Snapdeal Ads platform sellers will be able to:

  • Target customers based on behavior, purchase history and geo-location
  • Drive product discovery and sales revenue
  • Participate in auction based ad buying
  • Read detailed reports
  • Promote products though multiple ad campaigns

In a statement, Tony Navin, senior vice president, partnership and strategic initiative, said, “Snapdeal Ads will allow sellers to reach their customers in a more precise manner, help build targeted campaigns, measure impact and return on investment on a real-time basis. With this next generation platform, we have addressed the marketing challenges faced by our sellers by providing a simplified advertising panel to fulfill their diverse business requirements.”

Response to Snapdeal Ads

Out of its 300,000+ online sellers, over 30,000 of them advertise with Snapdeal Ads. According to reports from the marketplace these sellers have seen their business double in size compared to competitors.

How Does it Work?

Even with the new version of Snapdeal Ads, sellers are charged a minimum amount of Rs. 1,000 at the start. Sellers can use their cash on delivery balance to pay for this service. The ecommerce marketplace charges for this service are based per click.

The Competition

There are multiple advertising platforms sellers can try like Facebook and Google. Within the marketplace ecosystem Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Paytm and many others offer advertising space. However not all of them offer you the same advertising features. Snapdeal may allow sellers to customize ad campaigns according to their audience. However, Flipkart may provide better coverage through native ads, banner ads and brand stories. With limits on discounts online sellers need new avenues to captivate consumers. Marketplace advertisements might just be what they need.

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