1. Ambrish kumar kushwaha Reply

    Sir , Really very nice article… Yet could you provide these article in hindi.?

  2. Fernas Reply

    There is no doubt, this tax, government, parliament etc just thinking of themselves. It is more than “Hafta Vasooli”. Which we see in all movies and stories as crime.
    Here you work hard, you struggle. And after that you pay heave heavy taxes. This worst people enjoy your money in the name of taxes.
    NOW even service tax increased from 12 percent to 15 percent. Already 12 percent was too too much illegal. Now after 15 percent, we can imagine. How we are moving.

    Government of India becoming rich day by day. Whereas common Indians getting poorer and poorer. Where most of the money spend for their own benefit and other goes to useless / unnecessary expenses like defence. The current budget India is using for military expenses is at least 1000 times heavy then it require. Here are we fighting for war?

    All unnecessary expenses and then scams.

    Finally it is the unfortunate common India that suffer. suffer and leave word with unhappiness.

    Heartless fellows rule and enjoy.

    if Vijay mallya is suffering from heavy debts, why government cannot return him, his paid taxes?

    Finally he closed the business.

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