Amazon spells out 3 ecommerce pillars for online sellers

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Amazon India’s, Director and Country Human resource leader Raj Raghavan recently conducted a keynote speech at the reputed Myra School of Business, in Karnataka. He drove home the point that firms have to take a customer-centric approach. On the face of it, it may look like pretty standard advice even for the avid students listening, but Raghavan went on to add the 3 pillars that Amazon display and further reaffirmed the statement with a practical example of prioritising the customer.

Amazon’s 3 pillars to achieve its vision:

  • Customer obsession
  • Innovation to simplify
  • Leaders who think long-term

“Their board meetings are held with empty chair that represents the customer, and their decisions are based on the discussions that would meet the customer ‘sitting’ in that chair,” remarked Raghavan, in a statement released by Myra School of Business.

IOS recently conducted an exclusive 2 part interview with Amazon India’s senior manager (New initiatives) Rohit Kulkarni. If you missed it, you can check it out here and the concluding part here.

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