Ecommerce photography- 10 appealing product images

Pooja Vishant | Sep 09, 2020

In the online retail world, images of products replace the actual feel and touch of products in the offline retail world. Customers make their purchase decisions based on what they see on the screen. In one of our previous IOS articles, we have explained in detail about the importance of good product images.

And in this IOS article, we have given pointers to help you make your products stand out.

Online marketplace, Flipkart lists out ten examples of good product photos on its portal. Have a look.


This blue shoe will appeal to the customer as the hues of the shoe get projected due to the right combination of light and shadows.


Women are particular about getting a 360 degree view of whatever they are purchasing. The image of this bag is such that every detail is visible to customers. Along with the colour, even the buckle, straps, zippers etc. can be seen.


Women like to know how apparel would look when worn. So the image of this model wearing the product will help to give a good idea about how the dress would look when worn. The accompanying description will include the height of the model, which makes it easier to figure out how it might look on the buyer.


Images of the product with liquids (like champagne in the case of champagne glasses) are a visual treat, sure to entice customers.


The image of this dark green shirt paired with brown khakis presents an appealing picture. Not only is it striking, it also shows how the shirt can be worn or paired with, which help in making a mental picture.

6.Phone cover

Apart from the interesting colours used, the image shows how the phone cover would look by itself as well as when put on the phone.

7.Home décor

The very same bedspread might not have appealed as much had it been shot by itself. The inclusion of a room décor plus the bedspread laid out on the bed paints a pretty picture in the customers’ eyes.


The close up image of the watch shows even the minute details of the watch in addition to the colour, strap, hour & minute hands, etc.


The close up of the product gives a clear picture about the style and material, leaving no room for doubt in the buyer’s mind.


The image of the product looks like it’s been packed with things. In addition to the looks aspect, it also gives the customer an idea of how much the bag can hold.

At the end of the day, what matters is that the product images appeal to the target customers. They should be able to see every detail about the product that matters in the decision making, to avoid returns and complaints of ‘dissatisfaction’ with the purchases.

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