1. Sundaram Reply

    But currently instamojo’s customer support is very bad. I am thinking of moving to another payment gateway. My customers are hesitate to pay us using instamojo 🙁

    • sunsys Reply

      Please explain your issue you had with customer support. Instamojo customer support is very good. How long are you a user, do you have an account manager assigned to you then contact your account manager for your problem and it will be solved asap.

    • Joojo Reply

      Hello Sundaram ji,

      I’m new to all this, could you please let me know what issues you faced with InstaMojo because I was seriously considering them for receiving online payments.

      Thanks & Regards,

  2. Suresh Reply

    You missed out Razorpay!

    • Sundar Reply

      Yes. You seriously missed out a brilliant start up partner Razor Pay. We are using them as our main partner in receiving INR payments. There is no set up or any money transfer issues from them. In fact, the transfer happen within T + 3 days. I highly recommend them. Thanks.

  3. manish pandya Reply

    I’ve a bad experience of payumoney, do not go for free payumoney.
    They clear my settlement near about 18 days in the name of client’s protection.
    Their support number keep ringing. I transacted 2 times.both the times they keep hanging while settling my payments.
    Right now I am using direcpay (Times group) payment gateway.their support is fantastic. settlement is within 3 days. i am satisfied.

  4. Rishabh Reply

    I would like to know more about Razorpay and how do we compare RazorPay with PayUMoney?
    Unlike payUmoney, I think they offer, Mobikwik and PayTM wallet integration and their commission charges are also lesser than PayUMoney.. This is what I heard, I want someone to correct me if I am wrong, as such there is no particular comparison website to compare the Payment Gateways.. Also, I would like to know, if I am using PayUmoney already on my website, can I also integrate RazorPay, I mean can both be integrated on my website without any legal hurdle, as I have already signed PayUMoney agreement.

  5. Your suggestions are really nice, but can u suggest a platform which provides EMI facility without credit card?

  6. We are online merchant, had integration of CCAvenue payment gateway. Customer made payment of Rs. 12825 and without explaining any reason CCAvenue held the payment for 6 months. During this 6 months we were constantly in touch with CCAvenue to get the payment (I have complete records). But CCAvenue Risk team member Anil Methri said that CCAvenue will release the payment on completion of 180 days (6 months). on completion of 6 months now when we contacted again and they refused to release the payment. Now, I am planning to take legal actions against them. It seems that CCAvenue is a fraudulent company trying to get money from several merchants by such fraud activities.


  7. Yasar Reply

    What about Paypal?

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