Snapdeal’s new way to regulate sellers: Mystery Audit!

Everyone has been talking about Snapdeal’s delivery blunders in the recent past. We were just beginning to wonder if the Snapdeal management was planning to do anything to salvage its image. Apparently, they have devised a smart way to ensure that its sellers provide the best possible service to customers.

In a unique move, Snapdeal has started the new inspection system of ‘Mystery Audit’, which means that an unscrupulous seller could be picked up anytime, anywhere!

Hear it from the horse’s mouth itself. Here’s what Snapdeal’s message to its sellers looks like:

Snapdeal would like to ensure that you are enabled to provide the highest standard of service to your customers. To ensure this we provide training to you over telephone. But as it’s said – some things are best learnt by hands-on experience. So, we have started a process ‘Mystery Audit’ where we will place orders on you as any customer would.
This would enable us at Snapdeal to get an understanding of your knowledge on policies, procedures and guidelines.
Once we receive the product we would conduct quality check on it and would return the product to you. Before returning the product we would inform you that the order is getting returned because it was part of mystery audit.

Please be informed that when we place such an order, all charges applicable to you like logistics cost, payment collection charges and Snapdeal commission will be refunded when we will return the product to you. Also, the product payment which you received earlier will be debited from your account once you receive the order back. So this will have no financial impact on you.

The benefits of this program to you are as follows:

 You can assess if you were trained on all aspects.
♦ Check your compliance to procedures, policies and guidelines without impacting your rating.
 Recognize gaps if any in being able to run your online business better

Thank You
Snapdeal Team

We think this is great move by Snapdeal.  This could definitely go a long way in weeding out fraudulent sellers. Keep it up, Snapdeal!

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  1. goinindia Reply

    hehehehe mystery audit…..who will audit snapdeals fake COD orders ?

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