Flipkart’s delivery men arrested for stealing customers’ products


While on the one hand, there is news about the explosive ecommerce growth and how it’s attracting investments and funding from all over, on the other news about unethical practices by both consumers and ecommerce companies are on the rise.

Last week, a video showing an empty box sent to a customer by a seller on Flipkart when he ordered a pen drive went viral. If reports are to be believed, Flipkart is in trouble again with news of two delivery boys having been arrested for stealing the items they were supposed to have delivered.

Flipkart delivery men Yogesh and Deepak Raj have been arrested by the Gurgaon police following a complaint filed against them by a Flipkart employee, after receiving complaints from customers that they hadn’t received their parcels.

Investigations revealed that they had collected two mobile phones and an iPad for delivery but did not do so. These items were found in their possession once arrested.

Apparently, loss of goods in transit is on the rise now in Gurgaon but in most cases it is difficult to take legal action as the customers don’t have the right authority to approach for the same.

Online retailers should remember that customers are not quiet anymore. One small error and they are ready to shout out to the world about it, courtesy facebook, twitter and other social media. Since unethical practices are on the rise, they should take adequate steps to ensure these don’t get repeated and they are kept in check so that customers’ trust is not breached.

After all, bottomline is that customers need to be happy at the end of the day. If they are miffed, they will sound it to others. If they are happy, they will voice that too. So why not ensure it’s the second scenario that happens?

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