Stop unethical practices, Flipkart tells sellers

The internet is abuzz with the latest news about Flipkart. But this time it is not another flash sale or another new product category or another exclusive product launch. If the video doing the rounds is to be believed, a customer received empty boxes from Flipkart three times when he ordered for a pen drive.

Cases of fraud, sometimes even from customers, are on the rise now and while, one can probably not know what the actual story is, marketplaces have started taking precautions to avoid such unpleasant situations.

Flipkart’s email to sellers about unethical practices

Flipkart has sent an email to sellers reminding them about Flipkart’s policies and business practices, to be followed strictly to win customers’ trust.

The email mentions that there has been an increase in unethical selling practices by sellers off late, like shipping empty boxes and selling fake products on the platform. Identifying these sellers, who were minting money in lakhs, Flipkart has blacklisted them forever and they will not be able to sell on the portal again.

Don’t do these, Flipkart says

In the email, Flipkart also warns sellers to refrain from the following to avoid getting blacklisted:

  • Sale of replicas
  • Copyright infringement
  • Sale of fake products
  • Shipping empty boxes

Flipkart reminds sellers to ensure right items are packed in the correct boxes. If any complaint is received, seller will then have to repack the item in front of a Flipkart executive for re-shipping.

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