Online retailers cater to demand for ‘Make in India’ products

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the rage now, and a proud one at that for Indians, including his recent ‘Make in India’ campaign. Fast becoming a fad with youngsters, offline and online retailers are joining the trend in promoting popular products to cash in on the euphoria.

Customers in the age group 16-35 are looking for such products and retailers and e-tailers are asking suppliers to develop new products around the theme to come up with new products to attract consumers.

Etailers and ‘Make in India’

Shopclues has made a separate section on its site dedicated to promote indigenous products and manufacturers of ‘Make in India’ products. It has plans to introduce a range of products with the ‘Make in India’ tagline and promote these in addition to promoting other Indian brands on its platform like Micromax, Airtel, Lotus, Himalaya etc.

Another etailer, Happily Unmarried, selling funky accessories and apparel, has plans to launch a separate section for ‘Make in India’ products. According to the co-founder, Rajat Tuli, the site was flooded with requests for the campaign-specific products. We will start a series of these products especially t-shirts and magnets that people are asking for the most, as soon as we get to know about the norms of producing the tagline and the logo on our items,” Tuli said.

Using the logo

Retailers on products they are selling like apparel, homeware and accessories are using the official logo, a lion. However, the government wants them to take permission first before going ahead with using it.

“We want everyone to use the logo but there has to be a quality to it. The logo can’t be distorted on the will and desire of companies or individuals. We are being strict about it so that the logo doesn’t lose its character,” said Atul Chaturvedi, joint secretary at the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

Although DIPP is yet to register the logo and get a copyright, it has already been sent for trademark registration according to Mr. Chaturvedi.

So who is selling ‘Make in India’ products? How are you sourcing them? How has the response to your products been? Do share.

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