Flipkart releases apology letter; Customer writes open letter to Flipkart


The days leading to October 6th were filled with all the marketing and hype about the Big Billion Day. October 6th started with full-page newspaper ads from Flipkart and Snapdeal, with Snapdeal taking a dig on the other. Post the sale going live, the internet was flooded with messages from disgruntled customers.

Amidst all the never-ending bashing from all sides, Flipkart released an apology letter on October 7th. Again, everyone has an opinion on it- some are on their side, while some are even more angered calling it yet another marketing gimmick.

Missionsharingknowledge published a customer’s open letter to the Bansals, which ends as below:

Whatever it is, it was a sad day for the Flipkart company/family; and for us even. Though this letter may be seen as a hate-letter by you/others, but this letter is being written out of sheer pain, as a customer, a loyalist, a fan, an admirer.

We are even sadder than you are, because someone tried to dupe us, yet again, by another company, which made us its loyalist first to lead us to a point where we can be duped.

However, to your and every company’s knowledge, let me enlighten you with the fact that the Indian masses are much smarter than any of you think.

We know our money; we know the prices of the commodities – world-wide; we know when to buy a product from a grey market named gaffar and when to buy a product from a famous mall and when to buy a product from some famous market like Rajouri or Sarojini or Lajpat or Pallika or Tibetan (we also know that all the products displayed and sold in the Tibatan market are not made by them). We know our shit.

We also know that there exists the Infibeams and Snapdeals and Ebays and Amazons of the world where we can get competitive deals. Oh! Myntra is yet again yours. See we know that as well.

We even know that a site named Junglee has transformed itself into ‘Google’ of the e-commerce sites in India, where you put a product name and it will list all the sites offering that product with prices simultaneously.

We know everything – we are Indian consumers, the largest consumer base in the world. And mind you, we are not naïve, we are much more aware than any of you out there think!

[Read full letter here]


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