Shopclues to expand its fulfillment spaces to strengthen shipping

Shopclues is not far behind in sprucing up logistics operations to scale up and increase popularity with consumers. With around 25,000 sq.ft of fulfillment space already, Shopclues plans to add one lakh sq.ft more by setting up ten more fulfillment centres to manage its shipping and logistic operations.

Currently, Shopclues operates four centres- two in Delhi, one in Mumbai and one in Jaipur. The new centres are being planned for Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Khanpur and some other locations over the coming twelve months. “The increasing demand has led to the need for more fulfillment centres,” said Radhika Ghai Agarwal, co-founder and corporate vice president at Shopclues.

Shopclues offers three kinds of fulfillment services-

  1. Shopclues Velocity PremiumItems are picked up by merchants and brought to the fulfillment centres, where they are packed and shipped.
  2. Items are packed by merchants and handed over to associated courier partners.
  3. Items are packed and shipped directly by merchants. “This happens in the case of products such as an air conditioner or a home gym or other products which need to be installed. The merchant has the capacity and the knowhow of doing the technical work and so it makes sense to let them do the shipping also,” Agarwal said.

Also, Shopclues will launch a multimedia advertising campaign from September 14th, including a television commercial and outdoor campaign after Diwali.

With more than 10 million products, Shopclues has around 3,300 listed categories and more than 70,000 merchants selling through its portal. “We are witnessing tremendous growth. Last year we grew at 600% year-on-year,” Agarwal said.

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  1. esellerindia Reply

    In my opinion shopclues is one of the worst marketplaces to sell in India. My reasons for the same are

    1) The category managers are known to take money under the table for promoting products and are in cahoots with certain seller (This is what I have heard from some of my friends who used to sell on shopclues). You can also easily check out the promoted products on home page for the last 6 months to note a surprising trend, most of these deals are only from 3-4 sellers
    2) This only points to 2 things , either they only have 3-4 reliable sellers or the point that I made in point 1.
    3) I personally know of at least 10-12 sellers from India who have stopped selling on shopclues in the last 1 month.
    4) After the incident of their promoter in the US the site has never really come up and always has been a flash in the pan.
    5) The customer service for buyers and sellers is in the best case apalling and a joke.
    6) They have an awesome website software but their management team and their marketing team is horrible (sorry I also forgot to mention their finance team)

    These are my opinions after trying to unsuccessfully sell on shopclues.

    Disclaimer: I had tried selling on shopclues TWICE without success since only the products on fist page used to get sales. During my time as a seller on shopclues I was never offered to have home page promotion in exchange for financial favours , but then I never got a call from any category manager from shopclues for promoting my products, inspite of being one of the hottest sellers on ebay india at that point of time. My comment that shopclues category managers exchange first page promotions for financial gains is something that I heard from a few of my friends and do not subscribe to the same. ( and recommend others also to take with a pinch of salt as these guys are no longer selling on shopclues for the same reason as no sales, and it might as well be a case of sour grapes)

    • Pooja Vishant Reply

      Oops, that’s a lot of negative points for Shopclues. Wonder if anyone else has had similar issues with them. Do share so we can all be aware!

      • esellerindia Reply

        shopclues is one of the messiie’st online market places that I have ever sold on after tradus, amazon . Compared to these three ebay looks like a walk in the park.

  2. Reshma Reply

    Hi esellerindia, It was good for you that you didn’t get any sale from them otherwise you would have not been paid for orders you processed. You are angered with them because you didn’t get sale and I’m upset because I’m not getting payments against my orders.
    There is something wrong with the Shopclues, either these guys are going to shut their business down or they are cheaters. I’m facing lots of problems related to my payments but they didn’t take any action.
    We are not getting paid even if the orders are delivered a month back, there payment dashboard says that we are supposed to rceive a payment of Rs.*********/- in coming payment cycle but when the payment cycle date comes we found that they paid only amount in tow or three figures.
    They seems to be in a big los and may be that one fine day we come to know that these cheaters have run away

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