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Editor | Sep 28, 2020

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Are you looking to buy a perfect refrigerator to ease your summers this season? You are on the right place! While purchasing a refrigerator from local market, you may experience difficulty in comparing the products of different companies. Indeed, purchasing one of the best refrigerators in India is quite a job as customers look forward to a long-lasting product. Buying a refrigerator is pictured as making an investment for more than 70% of customers who desire to grasp the best product in the market.

Indian refrigerator brands bring varieties of refrigerators to purchase online. Online shopping platforms do not only impart you the freedom to choose the size and color of refrigerators but also helps to match their budget timeline. For instance, you can easily find Refrigerators under 15000 or double door refrigerator price below 10000. Today, we are presenting before you 8 best refrigerators that you can purchase today and attain the best cooling experience ever. Take a glimpse at the best products you can choose while purchasing a refrigerator online:

1.LG 260 L4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

For a shiny steel and luxurious frost free cooling appliance, LG 260 4 Ltr Double Door Refrigerator is the best compliment for your home. The refrigerator comes with 260 liters of capacity with an improved level of temperature flexibility. Built-in smart inverter compressor senses the quantity of food stored in and automatically adjusts the cooling speed. The product perfectly fits into the smart kitchen as it contains the humidity control system along with auto connect features. The moist balance crisper keeps the food fresh and protects it from the impact of the mega moisture and humidity in summers. Now buy LG 260 L4 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator and save up to 50% of energy.

Pros Of The Product

  • Royally designed Double Door refrigerator
  • Frost Free smart technological advancement for an on-going
  • functioning during power cuts
  • Potential Energy protection up to 50%
  • Flexible Temperature
  • No manual cleaning is required
  • Soundless operating system

Cons Of Products

  • Demands space for free stand installation
  • Non-adjustable fresh zone
  • Complex temperature adjustment panel
  • Small Egg tray—storage capacity: 6 eggs only
  • Expensive

2.Haier 195 Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Haier 195 Mini Refrigerator has been the first choice of thousands of customers in the past. Today, Haier 195 refrigerator under 15000 is counted as one of the most successful products introduced by Haier India. The product perfectly fits into small adorable kitchens with smart ambiance. It contains direct cooling technology. Alongside, the refrigerator model also has real-time Icing technology which maintains -5-degree freezer temperature within the small time session of 1 hour only. The energy efficiency of the product is well-appreciated with a rating and 195 liters of storing capacity. This single door refrigerator brings 60 minutes of freezing benefits to the customers’ doorsteps. Talking about the surface of the refrigerator, it comes in Dazzle steel and brushed silver. It contains door lock for kid’s protection, toughened glass with 120 kg weight storing potential, and Anti-fungal gasket for pest control.

Pros Of The Product

  • Real-time freezing capacities
  • Free-standing easy installment
  • High food storing capacity for a mini refrigerator
  • Manual defrosting
  • Easy to clean
  • Refrigerator Priced below 12000 (highly affordable)

Cons Of The Product

  • No frost free technology
  • Lack of storing capabilities for a big family
  • Small freezer: low ice storage capacity
  • Manual cleaning is required
  • Higher maintenance is required

3.Samsung 253 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Are you looking for an inevitably designed Samsung Double Door Refrigerator? Well! Samsung 253 with frost free technology must be the lead pathway to the successful purchase. The freezer auto-defrosts in the presence of auto-disconnect energy for the freezer which helps to stop the unwanted ice frosting. Elegant Inox color of the refrigerator brings the smart kitchen into the spotlight. It stores over 250 liters of food and beverages at a time. Digital inverter technological advancement ensures continuous operating capabilities of the refrigerator even during power cuts. Real-time inverter compressor protects energy consumption and saves load on the electricity bill in the long run. Above all, the 150 kg storing capability of this Samsung double door smart refrigerator is highly prominent among the customers who are purchasing refrigerators for commercial use like installing in a restaurant kitchen.

Pros of The Product

  • High storing capacity
  • 100% cooling
  • No damage due to overvoltage or voltage fluctuations
  • Removable tray for ice
  • Affordable (Double Door refrigerator price below 20000)
  • Compressor Warranty for a decade
  • Divisible freezer with movable ice maker
  • Anti-bacterial gasket protects from pest damage

Cons of The Product

  • Demands over 1ft space for free-standing installation horizontally

4.LG 687L Frost Free Side by Side Refrigerator

Do you want to bring luxury into your spacious designer kitchen? Nothing works better than LG 687L Side-by-side Refrigerator. With the benefit of over 687 liters storing power, you can carry home a remarkably featured cooling refrigerator. LG has launched this product with SmarthinQ innovation which gives the power of controlling the cooling appliance by the customer from sitting at a distance. This soundless refrigerator only uses ½ of energy as compared to averagely designed inverter compressor. Indeed, a built-in inverter linear compressor is a proven energy saver with a great impact on electricity bills. It is highly innovative side-by-side refrigerator which also en-suites multiple digital sensors for automatic food temperature monitoring and adjustments. No odor makes the refrigerator a blessing for big families and restaurants where food is stored in bulk.

Pros Of The Product

  • Energy and sound efficient by Inverter linear compressor
  • Automatic temperature adjustment
  • Express Freezing for the customized freezer and fridge temperature
  • Including Wi-Fi Express freezing facility
  • All-rounding cooling invention
  • Royal look for designer kitchens
  • 10 years compressor warranty

Cons Of The Product

  • Unsuitable for small kitchens
  • Side-by-side Refrigerator price over 70,000

5.Whirlpool 240L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

This Alpha steel triple door refrigerator introduced by Whirlpool in January 2018 has been catching quite a handful of attention from customers all over India. This Whirlpool Protton with three sections for food and beverages storage contains two times freshness potential. It has real-time 6th sense active fresh technology which brings it closer to the list of the highly innovative bottom-mounted refrigerator. Its zeolite technology protects the stored fruits and vegetables from ethylene food collision and ensures risk-free food storage for weeks. Macroblock technology protects the contamination of food. And there’s something new as well! Customer can now change the temperature according to the category of food anytime through customized cooling technology. This refrigerator with over 240 liters of storage capacity brings delight to the exclusive kitchens.

Pros of The Product

  • Frost free refrigerator price below 25,000
  • Protection of Natural freshness of fruits and vegetables through
  • Automatic moisture retention
  • A complete different section for fruits and vegetables called Active fresh zone with a customizable temperature setting
  • Over 200 liters storing capacity, perfect product for big family kitchens and vegan restaurants
  • Less power consumption
  • Quick cooling

Cons Of The Product

  • The active fresh zone does not have LED Lighting
  • Unsuitable for vertically small kitchens

6.Samsung 324L Frost Free Convertible Double Door Refrigerator

Elegant Inox surfaced Samsung Frost Free convertible refrigerator, the best refrigerator in India with 324 liters capacity of storage create the convenience of storing food in bulk. The product contains convertible features along with digital inverter compressor to make temperature adjustments according to the customers’ requirement. One of the attractive advantages of this product is Deodorizer filter which prevents forming of bad odors. Built-in door alarms help in the maintenance of the refrigerator in the long-run, it rings every time the door is left unclosed. Durable glass shelves can handle over 150 kilograms of weight, hence, you can easily store heavy pots with meat and vegetables with any risk of damage. Stabilizer free technical advancement eliminates the risk of electrical damage and short circuits. The convertible freezer converts into 5 different freezers with 5 different modes of temperature option and more.

Pros Of The Product

  • Bacteria protection through Anti-bacteria gasket
  • Big bottle guards for all-kind beverages storage
  • Ice making in minutes using Power freeze
  • The impression of royalty with recess handles
  • 5 in 1 convertible freezer
  • LED display for improved controlling

Cons Of The Product

  • Suitable for bigger kitchens only
  • No Lock system

7.Whirlpool 190L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

This beautifully designed Whirlpool Single door refrigerator comes in varieties of colours with a strong touch of shine. The refrigerator holds 190 liters storage capacity along with wired shelves which provide the ease of storing large fruit and vegetable baskets. The in-built cooling controller makes the process of defrosting. It is quite spacious in the context of fruit and vegetable storage. Anti-bacterial gasket protects damage from pests, microbes, and bacteria. Moisture retention slider protects fruits and vegetables from going unhealthy and uneatable. What makes Whirlpool 190L Single Door Refrigerator a best seller is an in-built chill tray for fastest cooling of food and beverages.

Pros Of The Product

  • Spacious interior
  • Refrigerator Priced under 20000
  • Direct cooling technology with manual defrosting
  • Energy efficient refrigerator
  • 9 hours continuing cooling even during power cuts
  • 10 years compressor warranty

Cons of The Product

  • No frost free benefits
  • Unsuitable for large families and big restaurants
  • No Active fresh zone
  • No convertible freezer

8.Diziini Portable mini Refrigerator

Do you feel like carrying your cool beverages with you when you go for a long drive? Now you can do that! Take new Diziini Portable Mini Refrigerator with you while travelling around, fill in your wanderlust while having a chilled drink at one side of the road and enjoying the view. This easy to carry portable mini refrigerator with shoulder strap is very lightweight. It is an energy efficient and environment-friendly product suitable for business travelers. Indeed, the Diziini portable refrigerator is quite prominent for its long-lasting capacity i.e., lifetime.

Pros Of The Product

  • 12V cigarette lighter pluggable refrigerator
  • Mini refrigerator price below 5000
  • Easy to carry mini fridge
  • Semiconductor refrigeration system which helps in quick cooling

Cons Of The Product

  • Lack of space for food storage (3kg in total)
  • Unsuitable for big family trips

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What gases are used in refrigerators?

More often than not, the latest introduced refrigerators use HFC-134A (Tetraflouroethane). Other gases used are R22-Chlorodifluoromethane, R43-8A as a replacement for R22 and R6ooA Isobutane.

2.What are direct cool refrigerators?

Direct cool refrigerators are the refrigerators which use the circulation of cool air for cooling. In refrigerators with direct cooling technology, customers cannot change the temperature according to the requirement. In such refrigerators, the frosting of ice is common and uncontrollable, manual defrost is the only option. Usually, single door refrigerators have direct cooling technology.

3.What is the energy star rating for refrigerators?

Energy Star rating for refrigerators stands for energy efficiency that the customer will experience. For every refrigerator, the energy star rating for each refrigerator model is set by the government and is well-trusted. For all the above product, the energy star rating is between 2 to 4.

4.What are frost-free refrigerators?

Frost Free refrigerators are the refrigerators in which the unusual formation of ice does not take place. Through frost-free technology, the distribution of cool air equivalently in all parts of the fridge is carried out. Hence, the defrosting of ice is not required at all.

What is the difference between direct cool and frost-free refrigerators?

Direct cool refrigerators use the circulation of cool air for the formation of ice and cooling. In direct cooling refrigerators, the frosting of ice is very common. Frost-free refrigerators use evenly distributed circulation of cool air. In frost-free refrigerators, no unusual layer of ice is formed and thus, no manual defrosting is required.

5.Why freezers are placed at the top of refrigerators?

A freezer is actually installed at the top of the refrigerator to improve the coldness of the refrigerator at the bottom compartments. Indeed, the bottom compartments of the refrigerator do not produce much of cold air and thus, the cold air generated by active freezer dense towards the bottom and ensures cooling in the rest of the refrigerator. It is noteworthy to mention that freezers are not installed at the bottom because if warm air settles at the top, the balance of cold and warm air would not generate and refrigerator would only be partly cool.

6.What do litres mean in refrigerators?

Every refrigerator has its own storage volume. This storage volume is calculated in litres. For instance, if your domestic refrigerator is 190 litres, it means that its storage volume is 190 litres and not more. In simple words, you cannot over store your refrigerator by storing food and beverages weigh more than 190 litres in total.

7.How to choose Stabilizer for a Refrigerator?

Stabilizers for refrigerators are used to calculate and control the voltage utilized by the refrigerators. While choosing a stabilizer for refrigerator, consider the following guidelines:

  • Indian standard voltage cap must be 230VAC, 50 Hz
  • Check the voltage range of the stabilizer and ensure that it matches the level of voltage fluctuation in your city or area.
  • Purchase mountable stabilizer for ease of installation against the wall.
  • Mountable stabilizers are protected from rain, basement flooding and other climatic or plumbing problems.
  • Choose stabilizer with a time delay system for the optimum utilization of inbuilt compressor in the long run.
  • Make sure stabilizer has overload protection feature to ensure protection from any electrical damage (short circuit) due to the overflow of electricity.

8.Which compressor is best for a refrigerator?

Reciprocating compressors are considered as best for refrigerators to be installed at home or restaurants. These compressors demand less maintenance and come with a longer lifetime. Alongside, these compressors make less sound and operate like an automotive engine as they are built similarly in the context of the arrangement. Of course, while purchasing a refrigerator with a reciprocating compressor, customers can inquire if the compressor has a single cylinder or multiple.

9.Things to consider while a buying refrigerator in India

Following things must be considered

  • Energy star rating: Energy Star rating for refrigerators stands for energy efficiency that the customer will experience.
  • Size of the refrigerator: In the market, there is double door, single door, triple door, mini refrigerator, and portable refrigerators are available. Customers make a choice according to the family members, bon appetit, and other factors.
  • Storage capacity/volume: It is noteworthy to mention that the refrigerators come with storage volumes in litres. Hence, customers can imagine the size of the refrigerator according to its storage capacity as well. For instance, portable refrigerators’ storage capacity is between 5 litres to 60 litres. In India, refrigerators are available with up to 600 litres storage capacity as well.
  • Exchange offer: While purchase refrigerator online, customers must look out for exchange offers. The exchange offers on refrigerators means that you can get a discount on a new refrigerator if you give your old refrigerator to the shopping site. It is more like a barter exchange, except, the value of the old refrigerator is deducted from the new refrigerator’s selling cost.

10.What is a convertible refrigerator?

A convertible refrigerator is a kind of refrigerator in which the freezer is adjustable as well as transferable into fridge according to the requirement of the customer. Like Samsung 340l convertible refrigerator has 5 in 1 technology. It means the freezer can be converted into five different freezers. Each freezer has its own control panel, i.e., you can change the temperature of each freezer separately as per the need.

11.How to remove the smell from the refrigerator?

  • Time to time cleaning: To get rid of refrigerator odor, you must clean the refrigerator from time-to-time. Remember to turn off the refrigerator before cleaning or apply any chemical cleaner. If shelves and drawers are removable, do remove while cleaning.
  • Set right temperature: To avoid the natural generation of odour in the refrigerator, set the temperature in between 37 degrees to 41 degrees. Higher temperature leads to spoiling of food stored and low temperature leads to energy inefficiency.
  • Create a scent for refrigerator: Try to leave a natural scent in the refrigerator using ground coffee. Storing ground coffee in refrigerator spread a natural fragrance. If you do not have ground coffee, take vanilla soaked cotton balls and leave them in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.
  • Store food separately: More often than not, bad odour generates due to fruits and vegetables stored in a single compartment or active fresh zone in the refrigerator. Different fruits and vegetables create different gases upon ripping, hence, separate storage helps to avoid mixing of gases and generate bad odour.

12.How to use the defrost button in the refrigerator?

There two types of methods through which you can defrost the frosted ice in a refrigerator.

Auto Defrost

For Auto defrost, a circular movable button is installed at one side of the freezer. To defrost, you are required to move the button’s main needle (knob) to “DEF.” As soon as you do that, the freezer will start to defrost and once it is defrosted completely, the refrigerator will start functioning automatically.

Manual Defrost

For Manual defrost, circulate the knob to option “off” which will turn off the functioning of the refrigerator. Let the freezer warm and defrost naturally. Once the defrosting is completed, circulate the knob to option “On” for the refrigerator to start functioning again. It is noteworthy to mention that while the manual defrost is continued, avoid opening the refrigerator’s door as doing it can damage the cooling capabilities of the refrigerator in the long run.

13.What is Electrolux refrigerator?

Electrolux refrigerators are a kind of domestic refrigerators which work in the absence of pump. Indeed, via the removal of pump from the designing of Electrolux refrigerator has resulted in to “no inner movement of machinery parts” and thus, the refrigerators do not make any sound. Another word used for Electrolux refrigerator is three fluid absorption system. These three fluid are referred to water, ammonia, and hydrogen. In other words, the three fluids have eliminated to need for pump installation in manufacturing of a refrigerator.

14.Which refrigerator is the best Single door or Double Door?

Conditions in which Single door refrigerator suits as best

  • Small Family—2-4 members
  • Refrigerator storage volume demanded not more than 250 litres
  • To avoid long electricity bill and high power usage
  • Small freezer works for the family (not much to store in freezer)
  • Budget timeline of the customer—up to 20,000 INR
  • Family is acknowledged to Manual defrost method
  • Small space for free-standing installation

Conditions in which double door refrigerator suits as best

  • Big Family—8-15 members
  • Refrigerator storage volume more than 250 litres i.e., up to 500 litres.
  • Comfortable with a long electricity bill and high power consumption
  • More beverages and ice to store in the freezer (Large sized freezer)
  • Big kitchen, designer kitchen, restaurant kitchen or office canteen
  • To be installed into a large place with more people to utilize the facility
  • Avoid time-to-time cleaning as auto-cleaning features are available
  • Budget timeline expandable up to 80,000 INR

15.How to keep chocolate from melting without a refrigerator?

Follow-up the following tips to prevent chocolate from melting without a refrigerator

  • Storage: In the absence of a refrigerator, you can choose to store chocolate in a cool, dry location, for instance, room with air conditioner functioning. In other words, store the chocolate bars at a place with persistent temperature, not more than 68 degrees F.
  • Use air-tight containers: Airtight containers work the best when you do not want to spoil chocolate. When chocolates come into direct contact with oxygen, oxidation occurs. It causes the generation of an unnatural flavour and it starts to melt as well.
  • Avoid light: Whether it is sunlight or LED Light, keep the chocolates away from the access of light. Lights also start an oxidation process and cause the chocolates to melt using its warmth.

16.What will happen if you place hot food directly in the refrigerator?

While you ask experts, it is always recommendable to allow food to cool down up to room temperature before placing in the refrigerator because hot food in the refrigerator raises the temperature of the refrigerator and there exists the risk of spoiling other food stored as well. On the other hand, hot food stored in the refrigerator can lead to the loss of all the nutrients in the food and make it worthless to eat. Food poisoning is also very common in such cases. And, besides all these, a hot container filled with hot food can damage the shelves of the fridge in no time and transform your appliance into a damaged one.

17.How CFC is released from the refrigerator?

CFCs stand for chlorofluorocarbons. It is an inflammable chemical which contains carbon, fluorine, and chlorine. While refrigerating, CFC is stored as a liquid. The pump in refrigerator pushes CFC to pass through coils into the freezer area. During this process, CFC is transformed into vapour. The vapour form of CFC consumes all the heat into the freezer. This causes the temperature of the freezer to go down naturally and colder.


From direct cooling technology to automatic frosting or frost free technology, refrigerator brands are offering refrigerators of infinite categories. No matter what you expect from a refrigerator, a ‘cool’ solution to your needs is always available out there. Brands like LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool in India have gained 100% customer satisfaction with categorizing their production of refrigerators into various. Alongside, these companies provide maintenance services as well to serve the customers at their best.

Today, EWS (economically weaker section) of society can easily afford a mini refrigerator which usually prices below 10000. Indeed, in the market today, refrigerators are available and affordable for different customers with very differentiating budget timelines. On the other hand, online sites make it easier for customers to afford a desirable refrigerator through old refrigerator exchange offers, occasional discounts, and EMI options. Hurray Online!

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