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Editor | Sep 29, 2020

If you want to make it big as an Amazon seller, market evaluation is your best friend. As a rule of thumb, conducting Amazon product research becomes critical. However, being a seller on Amazon can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are a new seller. The good news is that every Amazon seller who has met any considerable success has encountered this phase and you will love to know that finding a bankable product is not as intimidating as it seems.

Product research entails a combination of several factors, including brand restrictions, selling fees, competition, and niche selection, to name a few. However, this guide gives you a head start by revealing what the pros know regarding Amazon research tools.

Why You Need to Use Amazon Research Tools

The first and most crucial consideration when starting as an Amazon seller is finding a kickass product. However, between the steep competition and stringent selling policies, sellers have been forced to change tact regarding product research. Although you may opt for a manual approach which involves reviewing the list of best selling products and trolling your competitors to see what they are doing, a faster way to research your product is available.

We all have 24 hours in a day and being a solopreneur; you want to capitalize on the available time. Amazon research tools are indispensable accessories in the product research process without which you may engage in a maddening and time-consuming endeavor.

Picture this; first, you visit the different websites, click on the prospective products, input the price, weight and other specifications, visit the competitors’ websites, scroll their websites as you review their products, and spend considerable time and energy after which you may still not find a suitable product idea.

Alternatively, you can employ various Amazon research tools which help to centralize all the information you require. The tools are designed to provide you with useful data that will organize your research and make it more efficient. Eventually, you will manage to offer the best products at the most competitive prices, which will increase your chances of success.

Best Amazon Research Tools

Offer %
Jungle Scout
40% Off
50% Off
30% Off
AMZ Tracker
40% Off
Feedback Genius
25% Off
Viral Launch
15% Off

Jungle Scout

Although the tools listed on this guide do not follow any apparent order, Jungle Scout is somewhat the consensus best product finder used by merchants in the FBA business. The tool aids them to find opportunities online, which reduces risk and also maximizes profits. Jungle scout is available both as a web app and an extension for Google Chrome, and you can use it to perform the following tasks;

  • Identify profitable products and niches on the entire Amazon catalog
  • Filter the entire Amazon database by sales, price, and category to identify the untapped prospects
  • Track your competitor’s actions over time
  • Explore and validate product ideas while surfing
  • Receive instant product insights upon visiting any webpage
  • Obtain accurate product comparisons, projected sales, prices, and number of reviews
  • Estimate the opportunity score of various niches

Jungle Scout Pricing

Finding the right Amazon research tool isn’t the end. You should look for the prices that best suits business needs and deeds. For web- application,

  • Business – $50/month
  • Standard – $40/month
  • Start-up – $25/month

And for chrome extension pro it is $197 and $97 for chrome extension lite. The thing is you get access to more tools in the pro version like monthly revenue, FBA fee estimator, product score, and profit calculator than the lite version.


This tool somewhat similar to Jungle Scout and are usually pitted against each other by reviewers. It can give you immediate access to comprehensive sales data, but more particularly, you can accomplish the following with AMZScout.

  • Instantaneous product statistics
  • Identify and evaluate your niche
  • Keep track of your competitors by tracking their product catalog, pricing, and revenues among other data
  • Familiarize with sales history and receive a projection of revenue and sales
  • Receive analytics from google trends on various products
  • Keep track of FBA fees and relevant info on bestsellers rankings
  • Receive comprehensive sales data without an Amazon account on over 20 million commodities

AMZScout Pricing

What are you waiting for when you get the world’s biggest Amazon research tool – AMZScout. It is available as both chrome extensions, web applications and the prices may vary accordingly. For the web application, you will be charged, $29.99 for a basic, $39.99 for a start, and $59.99 for business plans; whereas you may have to invest $29/month, $99/year, and $287 for lifetime access for Google chrome extension.


This is an ideal tool for both newbies and pros as it functions more like a listing detective. The tool. The tool provides an in-store feature that allows you to explore listings on Walmart, Alibaba, eBay, and AliExpress, and contains multiple features not available on highly rated tools like Jungle Scout.

Besides the usual features you will find on competing tools, ASINspector provides distinctive product ideas, sales trend information, and a scoop on the products featuring top-seller categories and the ones that do not.

If you are a seller who likes rummaging through products to sell, you can capitalize on this tool by taking photos of the products’ barcodes and uploading them to ASINspector for immediate data on the product.

Moreover, you can compare product prices on various ecommerce sites, among other intelligent features that will help you narrow down to the specific parameters you want.

ASINspector Pricing

This incredible tool is offering a 100% risk-free guarantee to the users. You get access pro and standard licenses which charges $187, $97 respectively. With these premium plans, you can analyze the keyword trends, FBA calculator, ASIN, inventory details, and much more.

AMZ Tracker

You are probably conversant with the significance of keywords regarding search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s the kicker though Amazon is a search engine as well, and it is imperative to ensure that your products are ranking for the appropriate keywords. Fortunately, AMZ Tracker was designed with the fact that buyers use keywords daily to search for keywords. For starters, this tool will provide you with reports of keyword tracking that will indicate where your products are ranking for particular keywords.

Secondly, the tool will also help you improve your conversions by helping you identify why your products aren’t selling so that you may better your marketing approach.

AMZ Tracker also offers:

  • A super URL constructor
  • Long tail keyword research
  • Competitor analysis

AMZ Tracker Pricing

Amazon tracker gives 7days free trial services to its customers. Further, the pricing plans are categorized as legend ($400), god mode ($200), professional ($100), and basic ($50) to match with different niche businesses.

Feedback Genius

When shopping on an e-commerce site, what is it that makes you pick one product over another? It’s probably the reviews, right? This is true, especially when all the other product factors are equal in terms of quality and price. Consequently, positive reviews are crucial in online marketing.

Feedback genius contacts your customers on your behalf and encourages them to leave a review. It offers a reasonable degree of flexibility where you can institute triggers and filters to send emails when you deem appropriate, and a blacklist so that you do not contact buyers who’ve opted out.

In conclusion, Amazon research tools are an indispensable accessory for any Amazon seller, be it a newbie or a pro. You will find numerous such tools for almost any research you want to conduct on your Amazon product. Ultimately, they will help boost your sales and your visibility on Amazon.

Feedback Genius Pricing

Get access to advertising, keywords, and analytics with a little investment in Feedback Genius Software. Unlike other Amazon research tools, the cost is based on a number of orders and the money spent on advertisements. Besides, you can get technical support services through emails and chats.

  • For 500 orders – $79
  • Up to 2500 orders – $199
  • Up to 10000 orders – $299
  • Up to 25000 orders – $599
  • Up to 50000 orders – $999

Viral Launch

Finally, we end up a discussion with the Viral Launch. Thousands of sellers use this application for quality services, reliability, and mobile-friendly nature to grow business within Amazon marketplace. Hence, we’ve listed among the Best Amazon Product Research Tools.

You don’t have to browse separately for estimating the sales, rankings, prices, etc., Everything can be handled effortlessly by integrating with the Viral Launch application.

In contrast with above-mentioned research tools, Viral Launch software is very easy to download and can be used as both web-application, chrome extension. Besides, the prices are affordable as you get access to marketing intelligence, keyword analyzer, trackers, and support services.

Here are some of the possible features you can expect from this amazing tool. Check it out:-

  • Robust data and automation services.
  • Seamless integration with Amazon marketing tools.
  • Exceptional 24/7 customer support services.
  • Deals with Amazon SEO, Keywords, conversions, PPC, and advertising.

Viral Launch Pricing

Now, you can meet the project requirements by selecting the appropriate pricing plan. This launching tool is offering monthly and annual programs for beginners ($50), pro sellers ($83), brand builders ($125), and data hunters ($333).

Out and out, Viral Launch offers decent performance throughout the usage. The best part is it focuses on providing a robust digital platform for newbie’s, entrepreneurs, and digital professionals by incorporating efficient tools and plug-ins in the most possible way.

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