1. Very well written and informative… Thanks for sharing !!

  2. Most marketplaces also offer paid product listings which appear at fixed spots on the first and every subsequent search results and category product listing pages. These may be fixated as the 3rd or 4th product on the page, a banner at the bottom of the page, in the right column, etc based on the offerings given by the marketplace. These are a good way to get visibility to your newly listed products which may not have any reputation of their own yet and thus may struggle to generate organic sales. So to kick start the sales, sponsored or product listing ads are a good way to start. Once organic sales start coming and you have gathered some reviews & rating on that product you could discontinue placing that product in sponsored listings.

  3. if you want to higher rank your product in marketplace , you keep in mind Chose perfect category, Subcategory, Product Hieracy, Technical Description of product (SKU, Unit, Sell price, MRP, Special Discount) , Product Filter range (Amount, Color, Size, Pattern, Brand, Comapnies, Vendor) , Search algorithm inside website, New user reg. and login and checkout process

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