Ideal keywords for products? Identify search words by customers!

What’s the first thing most consumers do when they want to buy online?

Search for product options!

Not every consumer clicks on the lifestyle category and scrolls through the tens of thousands products listed there in. The fastest way to acquire what one needs is to type it into the marketplace search bar and ta-da! A variety of the search word in are shortlisted and on display.

As an online seller your goal should be to have your products appear in your target consumers’ search list. To do that you must arm yourself with relevant keywords.

How do Keywords Help Online Marketplace Sellers?

Keywords refer to the words and phrases your desired audience uses in online searches to acquire results for the products you offer. Keywords enable you to direct online traffic towards your website, webpage, online store or marketplace products. As a result you have better chances of discoverability on marketplaces. Improved marketplace visibility in turn increases sales and profits.

The kind of keywords you use will depend on the kind of products you sell. Keyword research must be done accordingly.

How to Find the Right Keywords?

It is wise to put a bit of thought into the selection of keywords. Sometime spent in researching keywords can do you a lot of good. There are different ways for you to identify keywords and we will explain to you two easy and effective methods to do so.

Method #1 – Marketplace Search Bar

The easiest way to know what online consumers are looking for in your product category is to enter your product type in the marketplace search bar. Open your marketplace webpage like Amazon, Flipkart or Snapdeal. Type in the kind of product you sell (example: Handbag). Note the suggestions in the list that pops up below the search bar. Accordingly you can select the best keywords that apply to your product.

Method #2 – Keyword Planner from Google

Google is everyone’s go to search engine for just about everything. Sometimes online consumers may simply type the kind of product they want into the search engine. Based on the results they receive they may pick the product or brand they want to look at.

This should fascinate you because Google keeps track of all the words and phrases people lookup, when they look them up and how often those words are looked up. It is also capable of determining how competitive a keyword is based on usage. As an online seller you can make use of Google AdWords to acquire these statistics and relevant keywords for your ecommerce.

Capture 1


To start go to and select the tools option on the dashboard. From there click on keyword planner.

You will move to a page requesting you where you would like to start. Click on search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category. Type your product type into the first block (example – laptops), under the targeting option and change the country to India and select Get ideas.

Check the Avg. monthly searches (the table heading) and browse through the keyword (by relevance) category. To select the keywords you want, click on the add to plan arrows then select the download plan option. Select Excel CSVDownload and Save.

Capture 3

You will have an excel sheet of all the relevant keywords you have select ready to use on your on your computer. Here is a video to take you through the steps.

Where to Use These Keywords?

  1. Product titles

For marketplace online retail, the product title should be latent with keywords. Product categories and seller brands are considered keywords on marketplaces. Most marketplaces also look at product titles to be keywords. However, these cannot be prepared by the online seller. Product titles on Flipkart, Paytm and Snapdeal are generated by the marketplace and not the seller. This is why it vital for you as a seller to look up product keywords. By noting the most used keywords in your category, you can mention your product features accordingly during the listing or cataloging process. The features, brand name, category details you upload during the time of product listing are all used in determining product titles.

  1. Listing flat file

Marketplaces like Flipkart and Amazon request sellers to provide keywords at the time of product listing, The flat file provided has a special field just for this. With Amazon this field allows you to type keywords and phrases upto a 1000 characters and not more. As for Flipkart, the keywords field has no specific limit so far. However, it is advisable to stick only to the most relevant keywords pertaining to your products.

  1. Product descriptions

Another place to add keywords is in your product descriptions. Always write your own product descriptions because you have the liberty to load up on keywords this way. But this does not mean string together senseless sentences just for the heck of keywords! Keyword stuffing will affect the quality of your product descriptions, your consumers satisfactions and even your sales if people do not understand what you are selling. So make sure you use your keywords only after due consideration.

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