Paytm Mall delists 85,000+ sellers to prevent fraudulent retail

Paytm upgraded its ecommerce platform to Paytm Mall this year. And, after introducing GST changes to this platform, the etailer is ready to make more. Paytm Mall is revising its seller on-boarding process to ensure it maintains only true sellers on its platform. So, to separate the wheat from the chaff, the ecommerce platform is enforcing quality standards more stringently than before.

Mandatory rules to sell on Paytm Mall

Paytm Mall has made it mandatory for sellers to provide brand authorization letters in case they sell branded goods that are not their own. This has led to the etailer delisting more than 85,000 online sellers and their products that are below quality standards.

The massive seller delisting has not significantly affected sales volumes and selection on the marketplace.

“Existing sellers have done incremental business on our platform, helping us offer a superior consumer experience,” Paytm Mall’s COO, Amit Sinha mentioned.

How can you assure you meet requirements?

The quality and service audits by Paytm Mall require vendors to submit their:

  • Registration number
  • Store location

This process is expected to prevent fraudulent sellers from selling on the platform and hampering customer experience on the platform.

As this move come directly after the implementation of GST, which has caused an uproar on certain platforms, one can’t help but wonder if the new tax regime had something to do with its seller delisting.

In regard to this doubt, Sinha said, “No sellers were let go owing to non-compliance of GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number). However, since the delisting started ahead of the GST mandate, some (sellers) had to leave prior to the GST implementation.”

He also pointed out that, “We (Paytm Mall) have not revised our margins or service fees. However, our service charge now carries a GST component.”

But all’s not bad, right?

Paytm will be providing shops on its platform Paytm Mall QR Code solution. This will allow customers to scan the code and view seller products and instantly place orders. Local shops will be able to make more revenue from customers who shop online.

Brands and shopkeepers will also be allowed to set policies regarding their product refunds, exchanges and returns on the Paytm Mall platform.

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  1. zedrahi Reply

    This is completely wrong and simply against the Indians.
    First we should punish this Paytm CEO. Because after contacting Paytm customer care. Their level 1 and level 2 and level 3 departments. Since more than a month. I have also twitted their CEO and other officers.
    Sleeping CEO not responding to tweets.
    Their customer care and grievance already proved FRAUD.
    I can provide the hundred percent authentic proofs of that fraud done by Paytm with me.
    I have also contacted their seller from Bangalore. This person saying issue with Paytm. They are not resolving and their managers not responding. They have also hold the payment of that seller.

    So, fraud PAYTM CEO should be arrested like CEO

    But, it seems with the help of top politicians help this company is running in UP.
    I have also contacted the Noida Cyber Cell and not response to email.
    I have also tweeted to Noida Police higher officials through tweeter but, no response. Even after sending too many tweets to many departments . After this incident I find UP police cannot do anything at all. Really honest review.
    And until this kind of officials are there. Fraud continue from Big and richest companies like Paytm.
    ONLY small sellers, helpless small business going to suffer. and this is really bad sign for India.
    People are loosing rozi-roti and big players becoming richer day by day.

    First government of India should ban this paytm. I have 100 percent proofs that i can submit even in supreme court of India.

    Anybody help me to get help from LAW department?

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