Snapdeal to clear seller doubts about payments, returns and other issues

Rebecca Menezes | Sep 10, 2020

Sellers claim that online marketplace Snapdeal is holding back their money and causing them agony by turning a blind eye to their problems on the platform. AIOVA and E-Commerce Sellers Association of India (ECSAI) cautioned sellers last month about dues the ecommerce company owes its sellers.

IOS questioned the Snapdeal about payments overdue. In response to this its spokesperson stated, “Seller dues are processed and settled as per pre-defined payments cycles, information of which is available with the sellers. There are no outstanding payments to sellers. In fact, earlier this week we have further reduced the payment cycle for SD+ sellers, which will enable them to receive their payments 40% faster.”

In addition to this, Snapdeal has initiated a meet up with online seller Sanjay Thakur, who informed IOS that the marketplace reached out to him and is willing to discuss seller grievances and suitable ways to solve them.

Thakur said, “I received a communication from Snapdeal’s topmost management that Mr.Kunal Bahl wants to meet personally about the grievances faced by sellers. They have asked (for) the list of sellers who have any amount pending with Snapdeal and promised me to give resolution within 24 hours.”

He further added, “Snapdeal has agreed to meet with us next Wednesday to address seller queries about payments and other issues. Based on the interest they have shown on the matter it makes me feel confident about the outcomes of this meeting.”

How will sellers go about its meeting with Snapdeal?

Thakur has asked his seller base to send forth the difficulties they have been facing while selling on Snapdeal. Based on seller responses so far he has noted the following as the top 3 issues faced by sellers on the platform –

#1 – Returns

Thakur mentioned that returns are a part of online selling and this is an accepted fact. But, in some cases when returns are allowed, the product in question is not received by the online seller. This is not right.

#2 – Irrational charges

There are certain charges that Snapdeal sellers find irrational. Thakur has been informed by sellers in Hyderabad that they have been charged 30% stockout commission charges on the value of products, even though Snapdeal states that this charge should be 8-10%.

#3 – Unclear payment reconciliation

Another injustice sellers claim to face on the marketplace is accounting trouble when products are sent to Snapdeal warehouses. They feel that Snapdeal’s reconciliation method lacks clarity and in turn causes confusion for online sellers.

These are the main grey areas where sellers find their money being withheld.

“By meeting with Snapdeal we are going to try to get seller money repaid, provided their claims are genuine. We also intend on suggesting points that will enable Snapdeal to create more favourable policies. Our future course with the marketplace will depend on this meeting,” Thakur explained.

Snapdeal not opposed to problem-solving

Snapdeal looks forward to helping out all its online sellers in settling disputes related to its platform

The etailer’s spokesperson said, “We work closely with sellers in identifying and mutually resolving any issues, which may cause disruption in normal business. Mr. Thakur has connected us to issues specific to some sellers.”

Thakur said he is willing to work with Snapdeal if it hears him and other sellers out. So far he believes in the marketplace’s assurances and is hopeful of a good outcome.

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