Anyone can enrol in ecommerce; But is perfection in online selling gender specific?



We have come a long way from the days of old where women were looked down upon. Women are powerful beings with natural instincts to survive and conquer anything they set their minds to. At one point she may have been considered the weaker sex but today she has managed to defy all odds against her. Women have elevated themselves to great heights in multiple fields including business, a profession dominated by men for ages.

Yet, culture and traditions keep her down and society is harsh on her when she strives for a bright future. A recent survey shows that women make 25% less than men. This is just one of the many injustices she is forced to endure. But instead of asking herself ‘why me?’, she keeps working to break free from the social stigma of being a woman.

Indian Online Seller (IOS) brings you numerous online retail feats every day. This week, we are celebrating women and their special achievements in this field. Ecommerce is helping women to even out the gender spectrum. It is empowering Indian women and we are proud to present to you just how beneficial it has been to the female community in our country.

Transitioning into ecommerce

A woman has a set of responsibilities that are very different from a man’s. Looking after the family at home, running the household and maintaining a traditional 9 to 5 job get difficult for a woman as her life progresses. The women we spoke with all managed different careers before trying out online selling. But as their life roles changed and their interests intensified they found themselves levitating towards online selling.



Does online retail differ for men and women?

Whether online retail is different or not for men and women, is a debatable topic. For the many male sellers, we spoke with over time, we learnt that selling online is an easy process and does not require much skill. Women also agree it is a simple task to get on online and start selling. However, does gender play a role in determining sales?


Why is selling online a good choice for women?

There are certain benefits to online selling that aren’t very prominent with regular professions. These allow women to earn a living and honour their responsibilities towards their families as well. Here’s what few of the women entrepreneurs interviewed said –


What are basic challenges of selling online & are they solvable? 

How about the challenges? What are the basic problems one needs to overcome to succeed as an ecommerce entrepreneur?


Benchmarks for women online sellers

Besides the benefits of ecommerce that women enjoy, there are certain benchmarks that offer a sense of fulfilment. We asked the women we interviewed to list out the achievements that motivate them to keep selling online. And, their responses were simple


Woman to Woman

Women naturally tend to have advice to share about life. We enquired if they could share some with us and we received the following responses:

Renu Bhatia feels that ecommerce is riddled with many challenges. But if you work hard you will figure out a way to succeed.


Ruchi Gambhir explains that online retail is not like any ordinary work-from-home business. Based on her experience, she says it requires:

Strong goals


Good knowledge of computers (to track orders, stocks and payments)


Sufficient funding


Varied inventory


Expert marketing


Sarada Kajaria believes that when you sell online you need to provide goods at best rates. This is much easier if you are a wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor.


According to Mansi K., it’s not easy to sell online. Patience and persistence are crucial as many aspects must be managed on a daily basis. If you can hire and manage a good team, source great products and keep your fire alive, you have a chance at surviving this competitive market.

Selling online unfolds many opportunities for all genders. But, success comes along only when you make the efforts to achieve it. The struggles of ecommerce are common for all genders and the accomplishments vary based on a person’s creativity and drive. What makes online selling special for women is its flexibility. The rest is dependent on the experience and skills they possess.

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  1. Bhupendra Reply

    Mansi K has worked very hard for her brand TIWIYO I.e.Time with you…in the wrist watch market..great…& inspiring to other women…

  2. Bhupendra Reply

    Mansi K has worked very hard & established her brand..TIWIYO..i .e.time with wrist watch market..very inspiring for other women…

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