1. Pritam Sengupta Reply

    I think ATS has got the most pathetic pickup team in Kolkata. They cab simply earn the Limca book of records. They not only gives false commitment but lot of my shipments got lost and updated as out for delivery. Though Amazon paid both me and my customer, but I never heard whether they did anything with that delivery executive.

  2. Rajshekar Reply

    Thankfully i never faced an issue with either ATS or EKART.
    They are polite and punctual.

  3. Rajshekar Reply

    And also not attempting delivery by delivery boys do have a negative impact on Amazon or anyother portal as much as we vendors do.
    As of me i purchase mostly on Amazon may be 30-40 items per month and never faced an issue of non delivery and rude behavior!
    BTW i live far away from city (Hyderabad) and have had no issues with pickups and deliveries so far.

  4. Thanks for sharing this use full article,

    ATS is the most common problem with which almost every Amazon seller is dealing with atleast all those whom we personaly know…

    They dont do pickup on time
    Fake delivery attempt
    Returns and much more…..

  5. Udayan Borthakur Reply

    I want to start a product delivery service in my small town, where I live for help help the customers resides at villages from the town. How can I start it.?
    plz give a dependable reply.
    I live at Tinsukia District of Assam.


    ATS has become unbearable in kolkata .I am a prime customer and there was a free one day shipping for one of the item I purchased .They updated the system ‘We were unable to deliver the product as customer was unavailable’. which was totally wrong.they didn’t even contacted me. ATS delivered it on 2nd day. this happened twice with me..Today also (third time in one month) i was supposed to get one of my shipment .The status was out for delivery in morning.Then i got a message that package was refused during delivery and as usual there was no call from ATS.Then I contacted AMAZON CC and they confirmed that it was by mistake from delivery guy and will be delivered by today…after few hours i checked the status and the status was “Your package is being returned to Amazon.in because it was refused at delivery address or the order was cancelled.” Then I again contacted AMAZON cc and they said they are trying their best and escalating the issue to proper authority give us 48 hrs bla bla bla.. Still shipment is not delivered Don’t know when it will be delivered .
    @Sweta I can give you the full details of order id /amazon agent phone number and my chat transcript with AMAZON cc if you need this ….

  7. naveen Reply

    we DnVeens also face tgese issues by AT|S team, we book pickup in last slot but they come before slot timing amd ask for pickup, so it got conflicting with other marketplace to handover shipment and in second we have received emails of return delivered to seller and we have not received these return for next 30-40 days and even manytimes returned not delivered to us and it refunded to customer and when we ask for POD from amazon we have provided a sign photo of a single line that can be easily drawn by small child.
    we face these issues from oct 2016 and for this month of june we have not received a single return yet so from start to now we have raised ticket but it didnt solved so now we have write it to amazon ceo and it is in process, if not solved we are going to close our account

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