Logistics forms now available directly on Flipkart seller portal


Logistics is a big part of online retail and without completing the correct formalities your business cannot move forward.

To help make things easier for online sellers in this department, Flipkart has introduced logistics forms for e-sancharan (form 38) right on the seller portal. The online marketplace informed sellers about this through an email.

You no longer need to login into your State’s commercial Tax Department website to obtain logistics forms.

How to obtain logistics forms on Flipkart?

To get the logistics forms, you must complete the following 3 step process:

Step – 1

Provide the seller portal your State’s Commercial Tax Department ID and password. This will enable the generation of the e-sancharan (online form-38).

Step – 2

Wait for Flipkart to verify the account details provided and thoroughly test it to ensure confidentiality of account information. (The etailer states that this process could take a cople of weeks to complete.)

Step – 3

At this step you will complete the process and your request will be confirmed.

You can down load pre-filled logistics forms in PDF format along with a shipping label and invoice.

You are required to register for this facility and share details about the commodity you have declared to the state government. In case you do not register for it the marketplace says it will assume you will be filling the forms as and when required and providing them via email or upload in case of all returns.

The marketplace asks sellers to note that the online e-sancharan is mandatory for sellers with an annual turnover of above Rs.50 lakhs. Manual form 38 is accepted only from sellers with a lower turnover. However, to avoid delays in handling these forms which could delay the return of your products, the marketplace urges sellers to avail of this facility.

Also, in case the authorities find that the e-sancharan is absent for the shipment returning to you, you will become solely responsible for the penalty inflicted along with the vehicle detention charges imposed on logistics partner.

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  1. mayank Reply

    there is clause …

    1. if the amount of products is more than 5k
    2. online forms only mandatory if annual turnover is more than 50lacs
    3. there is no official notification from the govt

    all marketplaces r nt asking for these forms … so is flipkart working with the norms of govt or they hve their own rules to follow

  2. Also mention that this form is only for the return’s not for Forward Shipping

  3. Alex Reply

    Hi , We are an e-commerce firm based in Chennai , how does one go about in getting the Form 38 ( e Sancharan ) to ship to Noida ( UP ) . Our TIN isn’t accepted?

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