1. Payment frauds are increasing heavily since few years and better to use most advanced technologies like 3D secure , Safe key , securecode etc to prevent payment fraud. Good Article and must read by every merchant who sells in online.

  2. Kamashi Reply

    Good article on FRAUD BUYERS. You can rarely find any article on net describing problems of online sellers but it is REALITY.

    You can be selling on Amazon or Flipkart in India.Or you can be selling on eBay, Snapdeal, Paytm etc
    All these sites just and just concentrate on Buyers. They already know sellers are suffering heavy losses due to frauds doing by buyers, like cheating with items. Using the items and returning back.

    You can find some large percentage of buyers involve in direct FRAUD. But,still nobody to catch them.

    Already it is well known that frauds happening from Buyers end constantly but, marketplaces like Amazon,Flipkart,eBay, Snapdeal etc just keeping blind eye on that. ONLY reason is, considering WEAKERS and worst laws in India for sellers.

    If you have regular shop and sell something and buyer return any item that seller provide warranty, you service warranty and repair it and give it to buyer. But,if Buyer bring another item instead of original item. Seller do not accept that. And this may not happen in regular shops since Buyers know it will not work. They know, they cannot do fraud there.

    But, considering online. These companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal.Shopclues, eBay etc have hard and worst policies for SELLERS.

    Like as a seller you must take back the product even it is not original product you sent. Or even if buyer uses and make product useless, they blame only you. Buyer is safe.. extra safe and this makes them doing fraud.

    Because as a SELLER you are like FARMER in India. You are totally helpless.
    Your money is held with big business market places.

    Government is silent.Just take action for taxes.But,lack of ease of business for sellers.
    My suggestion to new sellers, please think 50 times before you decide to sell online on Amazon,Flipkart, Snapdeal ,Paytm etc

    Unlike western countries where there is very very less fraud from buyer end, here in India, it is safe den for fraudulent buyers. We are writing this article after having hundreds of fraud cases. It is really very unsafe to sell online. As you buyer you can be sure you will get 99 percent good product. But, as a seller you are in danger place.

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