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  1. Satyanarayana Reply

    Really do not appreciate here the Flipkart. NOT even anybody. Here it i not just one case. You can everyday. Every hours. Every minute find lot and lot of false claims raising from Fraud buyers online. Cheating sellers. Actually if one has to be arrested that is CEO and Managing Directors of FLIPKART. Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm, eBay, Shopclues etc.

    Because that is the justice and reality. If you ask why…??

    Why this is happening here in India?

    Only because nobody listen to you from marketplaces like Flipkart, Amazon etc.. If Fraud buyer raises a false claim.They blindly take return and that loss goes to SELLERS.

    Here you must NOTE, These Marketplaces are not getting cheated. In turn cheating lakhs of Indian sellers.

    If you do not believe, you can check yourself. Order any shirt, use it, tear it and return it. They take it. And send that to seller. Also they charge shipping charges and other charges to seller itself. That means as a seller you are giving item as well as paying fraudulent Flipkart, Amazon etc

    Our government is totally sitting as blind man. Just and just finding ways to get taxes. Apart from that doing nothing.

    Go and check there are thousand of sellers already looted with more than 5000 crores returns per annum.

    Big sellers like Cloudtail at Amazon. WS retail at Flipkart can recover, because they have too too much sales. But, small sellers who sell few items facing serious issues.

    So, arrest the CEO of Flipkart and do not blame others.

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