Paytm asks online sellers to say no to Ecommerce malpractices

Cutting corners can be bad for business. Especially business on an online marketplace. Etailers have their own set of guidelines to ensure online sellers stay true to their word and deliver nothing but the best. Paytm is looking at developing its marketplace business and malpractices on the platform are bad for its ecommerce business. So to discourage them Paytm has made sure its sellers are aware of the different activities it considers as malpractices.

In an email to its online sellers, Paytm mentions the following malpractices that should be avoided in ecommerce:

  1. Shipping wrong products or empty boxes

The etailer says all sellers on its platform must ensure the product they how in the display image is the product their customers receive. Should the product be out of stock, a different product cannot take its place. Also shipping of empty boxes should be avoided.

  1. Selling use/ fake/ refurbished products

Selling replicas, OEMs, refurbished/unauthorized products, non-genuine brands or branded goods without warranty is a malpractice, according to Paytm. Even the sale of used goods, products that have been opened, have tampered seals or improper packaging, is frowned upon.

  1. Tampering with MRP

Online sellers must maintain the set MRP of the product. The selling price cannot be higher than the MRP. And the MRP cannot be adjusted to show false discounts.

  1. Self-ordering

Sellers are prohibited from buying their own products though consumer accounts on Paytm. Not even relative, friends or staff should use your customer account to buy your goods. Even persons unknown to you are not allowed to your customer credentials to buy your products. These activities are considered fraudulent ad per Paytm guideline.

  1. Inaccurate and misleading prices for combos and freebies

In case of combos, the selling price pacified should be the sum total of the combo product’s MRPs. For freebies on the other hand, the free product’s price should not be included in the selling price.

In the advisory email, the online marketplace specifies that issues of integrity are a serious matter. Also wrong doers will be penalized without hesitations the etailer specifies. Corrective actions will involve seller account suspension and legal action thereafter.

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