1. Rajshekar Reply

    FK is going down and that is good. seller portal doesn’t open even after 2-3 times refreshing the page. Packing orders is a nightmare since the new look.
    It took me literally 45 mins to pack 5 orders!! forget about new listings. i haven’t listed new SKU’S on FK since 4 months and i made a good decision.
    I am done with this portal.

  2. The day Amazon entered India, it was clear that all others will sooner or letter go down.
    This is nothing new, just what was expected. They entered India with an idea to win it, and they had a plan to execute it from Day 1 itself.

    Going ahead, the situation is still going to run in favour of Amazon and against others. Flipkart is still sleeping, and not caring for its sellers, who are an important part of the ecosystem. Let them sleep, we will run with Amazon and eBay

  3. gurpinder Reply

    The company who trust & respect their sellers will go in long race . which flipkart is not

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