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With multiple online fashion sellers on a platform, standing out becomes a real task. Online retail portals offer promotional facilities to ease this trouble. Advertisements are a source of income to etailers, but they also help online sellers stand out and sell more.

Almost all virtual retail channels offer seller promotions. Display ads are a common one on online marketplaces. But, each marketplace has its own procedure for making it work.

This is how Voonik explains theirs:

Voonik introduced Product and Category Ads (PCA) in December, last year to help sellers get noticed and move ahead in the competition. It is a promotion option available to sellers on the platform. This category based in-app promotion facility displays product advertisements to 10 lakh online consumers using Voonik.

How does PCA work?

PCAs are banner ads. After registering your request for this facility, Voonik customers will see pop-up notifications with a banner. Your PCA will be visible to a shopper only when they select the product category you are registered under.

PCA benefits Voonik Sellers enjoy:

– Higher visibility (meaning added traffic to the seller’s product category)

– Higher chances of sales

– Charges based on the number of on PCAs

NOTE: Each click on a PCA costs RS.1. So if a seller’s ad budget is Rs. 10,000, he gets a quota of 10,000 clicks, Voonik informed its online sellers through an email.

How can sellers register for Voonik PCAs?

At the moment online sellers need to register for the Voonik PCA service through a registration link sent by the fashion portal. This link is sent in a “registration for In-app promotion” email.

Step 1

After receiving the registration link sellers must click on it and fill up the PCA registration form. Forms submitted will be taken as confirmation for Voonik to proceed with the advertisement on the seller’s behalf. No further charges or disputes will be considered after submission.

Step 2

A seller’s promotions will start on first come first serve basis. This means, the start period of your PCA will depend on the number of PCA registrations before you in your category.

Step 3

Promotion stat confirmation will be delivered via email and SMS

Step 4

The moment half of the PCA budget is utilised, a notification email will be sent to the online seller. When the entire budget is exhausted, the PCA will be removed and the seller will receive a report and SMS alert. The budgeted about will be deducted automatically from the seller’s payment.

PCA requirements

In an email to its sellers, the Voonik team stated the following requirements:

1. Minimum items required

There is a minimum requirement of 20 items in a seller’s collection to avail of this ad facility on Voonik. It is preferable if customers have a good variety to choose from, Voonik mentioned.

For best results, sellers must pick the best category they have, with a sufficient number of SKUs and pricing. Campaign statistics reveal that cart to buy conversions are higher for products with attractive offers.

NOTE: Stock must be kept updated while PCAs are live.

2. Banner creation

The ad banner can be prepared by the seller of the Voonik team. If the seller prepares the banner, it should meet size requirement of 800×400 pixels. The banner must then be emailed to ss@voonik.com.

If Voonik is requested to create the banner, one of the seller’s products will be used in the promotion. Sellers must note, once the etailer prepares a banner, no changes will be made further.

NOTE: PCA participation requests must be sent ONLY ONCE along with the seller’s budget.

Now that you know the steps, you’re all set to advertise your goods with Voonik Product Category Ads.

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