Revised Snapdeal surface charges force Sellers to hike prices or reduce profits!

Snapdeal is back with another revision! This time its pricing, surface mode shipping charges to be exact! According to an email to its online sellers, the etailer plans on revising its logistics rate card for all products shipped through surface shipping.

If you do not use surface mode shipping to transport our goods to Snapdeal buyers, you need not fuss over profits and pricing. Those who do must make a decision between hiking prices or suffering profit cuts on Snapdeal.

The notification to Snapdeal sellers states, implementation of the revised logistics will affect the selling price of listed goods. This will not affect seller proceeds, unless the new selling price exceeds the MRP.

If the new selling price is greater than MRP, the seller:

A – Must either adjust seller proceeds and product selling price


B – Must accept adjusted seller proceeds by not changing selling price

The revisions must be introduced by 6 August 2016, when the new rate card charges are made effective.

(Email from Snapdeal to its sellers)

(Email from Snapdeal to its sellers)

New Surface Rate Card charges

For those shipping their products through surface mode, the logistic provider’s fees will be:

Surface Rate Card for normal items

Surface rate card for normal items

**** dead weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher

Surface Rate Card for heavy items


**** dead weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher

** NOTE – All items not included in the heavy products category will be considered normal items.

Online Sellers – for or against change?

As you already know, Snapdeal is a fan of change! Last month, the online marketplace made changes to its:

  • Marketing fees
  • Return, refund and exchange policy
  • Seller dos and don’ts

Many online sellers were supportive of the policy especially because from now product returns will be accepted for valid reasons only. However, an online seller pointed out a section in the new policy which states, online sellers must bear return costs.

Now that surface mode shipping rates are revised, will Snapdeal sellers still be happy with change?

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