eBay Sellers get the chance to make things right with aggrieved buyers


Maintaining the standards of your online retail business is troublesome when you cannot connect with your buyers and settle their grievances. If a consumer is upset with your product it can affect your ratings and image on an online platform.

To help online sellers improve performance standards on their channel, eBay now allows online sellers to resolve buyer issues before it impacts standards. The etailer calls it the “Seller Make it Right” program.

Snapdeal recently initiated a similar service where online buyers can contact the seller before cancelling an order or returning it. This way online sellers have the opportunity to avoid order their product returns and order cancellations.

How does “Seller Make it Right” work?

According to an email from the eBay India team to its online sellers, the “Seller Make it Right” (SMIR) program came into effect on 1st August 2016. The program states that in the event of claims made by a buyer, the seller has 4 calendar days to make things right with the buyer. After which, eBay will assist the seller and buyer to resolve the matter.

Managing “Seller Make it Right” in 3 steps

Step #1 – Use the eBay platform start communicating with the aggrieved buyer

Step #2 – Document the solution agreed upon or an alternative course of action that both parties agree with.

Step #3 – Carry out your plan of action as agreed.

The benefits of “Seller Make it Right”

Online sellers on eBay will receive the opportunity to:

  • Protect their performance standards
  • Resolve issues related to transaction with buyers

eBay sellers need to note:

In spite of these benefits, online sellers need to know that resolving issues may include (without   limitation) refunds or replacements (i.e. partly of fully) depending on the discussion between the buyer and seller.

Sellers are also required to initiate sufficient and appropriate communication with the aggrieved buyer, through eBay’s ‘My Message’ facility. Within the 4 day timeframe, sellers must understand the buyer’s grievance and provide a remedy. This includes coordination with the courier or logistics provider, should it be required. In case this is not done by the seller, the claim made will be settled in the buyer’s favour.

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  1. Rajiv Reply

    Ebay’s seller rating is a joke…. most of time it penalizes sellers for no fault of theirs..

    e.g. If a shipment is not delivered because of wrong address given, it is considered seller’s defect…

    ebay often asks sellers to ship again… which is as stupid as stupid can be…. if the address is wrong, the shipment will never be delivered… no matter how many times the seller ships the item…

    Many times buyers ask for replacement, but don’t want to send the original item back… even in such cases….ebay considers it a defect because the “seller did not replace the item”…

    ebay is run by brainless morons… no wonder it is continuously losing market share to likes of Amazon and Flipkart…

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