Amazon launches Fulfilment Centre in Chennai to meet festive season demands

Every day Amazon India takes a step up the growth ladder. Along with it, the etailer takes its online sellers as well. The US-based ecommerce company opened a new urban fulfilment centre (FC) at Virugambakkam, Chennai.

This centre is of significant importance because it:



The urban FC is located in a Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) building. Originally if was the erstwhile ‘Golden Studios’ but now it has been transformed into a fulfilment centre through extensive renovation.

Amazon’s fulfilment centre collection

So far Amazon has a collection of 23 operational fulfilment centres strategically located throughout the country in 10 different states. Together the storage they provide equals to 6 million cubic feet. The latest is only the second of the six fulfilment centres the marketplaces plans on setting up for the festive season.

This urban FC model from Amazon is expected to enable better support deliveries under the Prime program. The model is designed to offer speedy deliveries to an array of Amazon customers during the approaching festival season.

Amazon India’s Vise President of customer fulfilment, Akhil Saxena said that the company has been relentlessly focusing on strengthening our logistics & delivery infrastructure to ensure faster delivery to Indian online shoppers.

Now that they have an urban FC at Chennai’s heart, Akhil claimed Amazon is moving closer to its customers and this will:

 – Support their Prime promise of one-day & two-day delivery

– Allow them to efficiently serve customers during the upcoming festive season

Other Marketplaces have the same idea

Snapdeal recently opened 6 logistics hubs to speed up product deliveries and prep for the festive season. The new warehouses are situated in those cities where demand growth is extremely high. They include Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Lucknow.

Amazon’s Urban Fulfilment Centres will boost the economy!

Amazon India’s new fulfilment centre is a part of its goals for faster delivery. In addition to this, it will also promote the growth of ecommerce ancillary businesses like:

  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality

Local and traditional retailers engaging in weaving, handicrafts and textiles can expand their reach through Amazon’s expanding fulfilment services.

Amazon’s fulfilment process is simple and easy to understand.


(The fulfilment process)

This simple process helps sellers guarantee consumers:

  • COD
  • Next day delivery
  • Same day delivery
  • Release day delivery
  • Morning delivery
  • Sunday delivery

It also helps consumers cut the costs of storage. Sellers enjoy flexibility in choosing the number of products they want in the fulfilment program.

Amazon initiatives that encourage Online Seller progress and improved Online Retail

Since 2013, Amazon India has launched numerous services that help online sellers expand their business. In the last 3 years, the foreign online marketplace introduced initiatives like:

  • Seller University – a program that educates sellers and enabled them to build online retail skills
  • Fulfilled by Amazon
  • Easy Ship – a shipping service enabling sellers to deliver products all across India
  • Seller Flex – a program that enables Amazon sellers to use is FBA technology in their own warehouses
  • Amazon Tatkal – a service allowing SMBs to get online in 60 minutes
  • Global Seller program/ encouraging ‘Make in India
  • Amazon Prime

How have Amazon’s seller services helped you as an online seller? Which ones do you feel are the most effective?

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