1. Prabht Reply

    I sell on all top leading online platforms.
    My experience is we are bound to dispatch orders due to 2 days SLA. Even in many cases I send mail to check suspected order but not company bother about it.
    The reply saying all orders are per-verified and send item within SLA to avoid penalties and drop rating.
    And finally either order get returned of false complaint from customer and we have to suffer financial losses due to ignorance of eCommerce companies.

  2. Arvind Reply

    Online Sellers. It is like Emergency situation in India for Online sellers.
    Unless commercial ministry and authorities take strict action again market places like Amazon / Snapdeal / Flipkart / Paytm etc, this is not going to change.
    Fake Buyer and Fraud buyers are increasing at very fast pace and already thousands of online sellers facing heavy losses.
    Marketplaces making millions of rupees and they are growing but, not honestly. They are cheating, blackmailing sellers and taking illegal money from sellers and developing.

    Someone having good contacts with higher departments complaint to commerce ministry and for any loss they force on sellers, if seller file a complaint to government, seller should be able to get 100 times the money that ecommerce taken from seller account.

    For Rs.1000 you can demand Rs.1 lakh. Until this type of law is made, market places continue to make millions.
    And same making the poor sellers poorer. Like British rule our nation for 200 years. Still we are unable to recover and doing same types of mistakes.

    When lakhs of sellers are facing heavy losses. Why commerce ministry still sleeping?

  3. Rohit Sharma Reply

    I totally agree with Arvind. Someone should file an online petition and submit it to the concerned govt ministry. Because of this organised eTheft I have brought down my listings to zero inventory at snapdeal, flipkart Askmebazaar. My problem is COD orders not being received by the customers. Also fake orders with illogical addresses and Non serviceable locations are provided to sellers.
    Ebay is still good and transparent, as they provide option of self shipping. Amazon also provides option of self shipping which keeps COD orders away from your store. The real thieves ie: (Axis of eVil ) are Snapdeal Flipkart and Askmebazaar. They don’t deliver orders and charge shipping and additional fees on such orders.
    Even if you ask they never provide you list of non serviceable locations/pincodes.

    ON the other hand, yes, Fake orders and fraudulent buyers are increasing and this mess is being ignored by the Greedy Marketplaces who continue to maintain theri Demonized policies.

  4. yogesh Minda Reply

    Online industries will be crash if marketplaces not take any action of rule to save sellers against return or fake order or fake complaints. Marketplaces will short out the problem in his warehouses.

  5. Top on snapdeal,out 5 return packets 3 will be worng and used products.as well marketplace are not ready to compensate for this.they are accepting our evidence but not ready to pay for those.

  6. Please share all worng orders on social media and share the link in your cases for evidence then buyer will also see which company having effective supply chain.now a days most of courier boys are doing such things.

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