Voonik expanding? Marketplace expansion/ diversification trend catching on?


Sequoia funded company, Voonik, is an online consumer favorite. The online fashion marketplace reaches out to 40 lakh different women in a day and has over 5 million app downloads on Android and IOS. Their app has an average star rating of 4.2 and an active customer base of 5.5 million women. With television campaigns running from mid January, Voonik has also managed to reach global markets. They claim to have successfully styled 6 million women and won’t stop any time soon!

Voonik has expanded into men’s fashion recently. It’s only been a few weeks since the launch of Voonik’s male specific fashion app Mr. Voonik and we’ve already got news of another new launch from Voonik. The etailer plans on taking the world of lifestyle brands and luxury fashion by storm with the launch of VILARA.

What is VILARA? What does it offer?

VILARA from Voonik will be the very first of its kind – a visual amalgamation of curated stores, high class designers and top of the line individual boutiques. It will start off as an online store for fashion and lifestyle goods from a fabulous blend of classic fashion designers and budding designers.


The store will showcase handpicked pieces under the fashion and lifestyle sub categories. Like apparel, fashion accessories, home and lifestyle items and a whole lot more! It will be the ultimate destination for online consumers to satiate their appetite for Indian and international designer brands and labels.

What really makes VILARA unique?

Myntra already sells branded fashion from well known international designers. So what makes VILARA different from its competition? Well the new kid on the online fashion block has a couple of aces up its sleeves!

For the Environmental Conscious

Voonik wants to give consumers the opportunity to shop with a social conscience. You’ve probably heard people say, “I don’t need fancy brands. What will I get out of them?” Well Voonik plans on getting through to these people with VILARA’s eco-friendly approach. The fashion store will provide unparalleled aesthetics with sustainable materials and production from the finest and most exclusive eco-friendly zone around.

For the Label Conscious

For those conscious about labels, the luxury fashion store will offer a seamless shopping experience. They will receive niche services like:

  • Personalized cataloguing
  • A personal shopper
  • Styling services through live chat

Average Selling Prices

Usually the average selling price for a luxury venture would amount to INR 10,000, approximately. Voonik says they are looking for a minimum cart value of INR 15,000-20,000.


By reaching out to Tire 1 and Tire 2 cities and consumers within the 21 to 40 age group. This way they will be able to bring about more visibility and conversions.

When’s the Grand Opening?

Voonik is all set to launch its brand new luxury website, mobile site and mobile application together. They are the first to enter this sector of online retail with sufficient funding, advanced technology and knowledge of ecommerce.

Their newest venture VILARA will open in May 2016, as India’s premier luxury fashion destination.

Voonik says, they are looking for curated stores, boutiques and independent designers that understand the feel, style and quality of luxury products. Tying up with them will facilitate the development of an all round collection that will delight the targeted audience.

In the Launch Pipeline

You can expect more online ventures from Voonik soon enough. In fact, Voonik has been planning the launch of an aggregation website for all of its sites. With the help of Vaggregate.com could consumers shop without shifting from one Voonik site to another?

Guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. Hopefully not too long, right?

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