Amazon hikes commissions on categories! Makes us wonder why now,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/198ecyhk8q059jpg.jpg

Global ecommerce player Amazon has hiked its commissions on certain categories and we can’t help wondering about the timing of the same.

Before we get to that, here are the updated rates:



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New FDI rules the reason for hike?

With the new FDI guidelines in place, marketplaces have been trying to come to terms with what could be coming their way. While most are of the opinion that discounts will be cut down drastically, some still opine that discounts will not be affected.

Also, now there is a marked distinction between marketplace-led and inventory-led models of marketplace. So players operating on both like Flipkart and Amazon would need to probably realign their business models to suit these policies.

It is no secret that Amazon’s Cloudtail is also the biggest seller on the platform. But now that it may have to reduce its dependence on Cloudtail, has the etailer found an alternative to ensure money flows in by getting higher margins from the sellers? We can’t help wondering!

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