1. I strongly feel, eBay is better place for geniune sellers. They are more transperent and clean in their accounts when compared to amazon and flipkart. They try to create win-win situation for both sellers and buyers in many cases as far as my experience is concerned. As seller I have tried almost all market places, but I like, and eBay is far better when compared to others. Only thumb rule is seller should be genuine and should promote good and branded products. As seller, I am maintaing 99% customer satisfaction from past 3 years.

    S Hegde – http://www.estorewale.com

    • I completely agree with S Hegde Sir, though Ebay.in is buyer centric (decision making) and has many loop holes, but atleast the sellers do care about customer satisfaction and unlike other marketplace, buyer cannot cancel order whenever they wish to, incurring time and money losses to the seller and company itself.

      Working with Ebay is clean as a whistle. However they are not into aggressive marketing like Snapdeal and Flipkart, but a wise buyer can always compare every site and buy

      Delay in shipping is a two ended thing
      1. delay by seller (out of stock, holidays, weekends etc)
      2. delay by shipping company (holidays, weekends, weather, delays etc)

      so what anyways, buyer wish delivery as soon as they place order, first they must provide proper COMPLETE POSTAL ADDRESS,

      when I call them to provide their complete address, they mistake me as a courier guy and start explaining me the chourahas, the nukkads, the dairywala, the sabzee wala etc, which is hilarious and waste of time to follow up for such petite issue

    • abc5 Reply

      Yes indeed eBay is best .. as a seller with ebay India my experience is preety good.. they listen sellers.The only rule is your profile must be good..as i’m maintaining 100% positive feed back too i am enjoying selling on it.

  2. I agree with above view of Mr.Hegde, whatever people might say, overall sale on eBay may be less, but atleast we are able to manage and maintain making profits on eBay even at low sales.

  3. They have lost the track long back and no more a serious competition to current players like Flipkart,Amazon,Snapdeal,Paytm and Shopclues..

  4. shahul Reply

    Yes, Absolutely agree with Mr. Hedge… But, Seller support isn’t good as other online portals. Being, We can able to get a continuous phenomenal sale at eBay.in compared with other sites. Even eBay is good with the decision making on A-Z claims, Which willn’t affect both buyer and seller… If seller is genuine. But, Lot’s of policy changes needed on removal of negative feedback from the buyer’s.

  5. Amit Reply

    Question here is not about what customers like. Question should be like fair and good opportunity for all. Same as traditional way. If that is not going to happen. Soon everything will change NO DOUBT. Here I am not complaining about eBay or whatever their profit, loss. But, Indian ecommerce we see growing regularly. But, on the wrong side.
    Big investments are coming to Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc but, if you go in detail of business. Big sellers are able to sell in millions and they are growing. Small sellers, shop vendors are often suffering from losses DUE to MISUSE of return policies. Even misuse COD ( Cash on Delivery). After selling they have to wait for 30-45 days to get payment that too if return it is total loss. Like if they are selling for Rs.5 margin on Rs.100 value item. One return leads to 20 sales lost.
    Small sellers in India really at dangerious situation due to return, COD and other payment issues. No doubt ecommerce site owners get their profit.
    So this is no good news for Indian growth.
    Government just and just need their haft ( taxes ) beyond that our government not capable of thinking of people. Either you take ecommerce websites playing with sellers to get money. Blocking their money, charging heavy. Lot and lot of COD orders getting return due to worst buyers who just place order and later change mind or order just for fun. And ecommerce websites ask them to pay for courier charges. Imagine you work very hard to complete the order. But, after 10-20 days you get your sent parcel return as buyer rejected COD order. That too often not in good position. So, you are paying huge amount from your pocket and also taking your item which have marks, scratches due to too and fro in transportation.
    Often we hear about Buyer protection etc. It is already a good security for buyers except on few worst websites like http://www.askmebazaar.com

    eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal already doing lot and lot of favor for buyers. That is apart from normal support, extra ordinary care is being taken for buyers. This is for the benefit of the ecommerce website.

    But, that is leading to heavy losses for the sellers. Small sellers, shop vendors facing issues.

  6. Syed Reply

    This is hard truth of Amazon/Ebay sellers . Ebay/Amazon india never adopted indian market behaviour, still their policies based on western countries. 30 days return and No questions asked policy is killing the sellers. For them buyer are king and seller are nothing.. In india, 40% online buyer are fraud, they will do for fun after utilizing the product they will return and scammer in that returns they will replace with some old item.. Amazon/ebay will never question to buyer what’s reason of return, simply they will raise claim to seller. If Seller the raise claim to ebay/amazon stated abut returned product is different and customer is cheated us. After few days they will come back to you customer hasn’t cheated and seller is cheating to ebay/amazon by raising the false claim. On Top they will collect the stupid metrics, after some time in peak selling moment, they will block the account stating that returns claims/negative feedback are so high and you are unfit for selling. Amazon FBA is another big joke, FBA will take out 15 to 20% commission, in that you will see 60% return stating customer unsatisfied, customer damage, transit damages etc and they won’t pay single paisa to seller on the damages. Ebay customercare is useless, for every simple thing, they will ask to drop the email to sellerinverfication@ebay.com and there is no ticket system. and they never comeback to you and time of claim justification they will tell Seller hasn’t communicate on this issue and we grant the claim to buyer

    In this marketplace, genuine and honest Seller won’t stay in longer. Only people capable to do manipulation will remain in this process. This marketplace is suitable for only for inner wears and cosmetics sellers where hygienic policy will applicable for return.

  7. Atul Bafna Reply

    I’m also an ebay seller and have tried shopclues and paytm in the past, while I found paytm extremely stringent towards the sellers asking for 3 times penalty just for non order fulfillment & shopclues in uttlerly mismanaged, they have saved my number for another shopclues id so I keep getting enquiry and complaint calls from their customers too, moreover they unnecessarily blocked my id claiming that I was selling fake items while the product listed were marble handicradt which do not have any brands.

    Ebay has been OK to work with as there is no cut throat competition here compared to snapdeal and flipkart where only the lowest priced seller gets the sales.

    But off late I have been finding some accounting descrepancies which were not corrected after multiple customer care calls.

    Eg. Closed cases in my favour were also deducted from my paisapay balance without any notification,

    Open claims were refunded without asking buyer to send the item back and again without notification.

    Some cases get closed in buyer favour without even contacting me once and again there is no notification.

    Invoice which was paid in full was showing due amount of last month with a late fee.

    had I not checked my remittance and invoice I would have never found it.

    I’m pursuing ebay team about it & I’ll try to give a followup on it when I get or am denied a resolution about these issues.

    Otherwise yes for genuine customer centric sellers and for alert and aware buyers ebay is still one of the best places to deal.

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