1. Hi,
    Not happy with the new update, although eBay has tried to do something better but they have made a goof up of it.

    Products shipped within 48hrs of order are also being shown as late shipment (Thanks to the LSP who have informed the same)

    For orders that are RTO, reason being customer not reachable and then claims opened by customer of item not received, are showing as Cases closed without seller resolution.

    In the current criteria and the above goof up, atleast for our account, we are directly going to fall from being a Top Rated Seller to Below Standard Seller, which i just checked right now, thanks to the goof up by eBay

  2. I don’t think ebay is going to get good results due to recent seller standard change. It is actually punishing the genuine sellers without any fault of them. Here are some facts :

    Closed cases without seller resolution :
    There are cases when buyer either purchased the item without reading description OR face some incompatibility issue.
    In first case, seller is not responsible while in second case, seller works out with buyer and resolves the issue either by refunding OR replacing the item.
    But I have observed, both the cases are currently counted as defects. This is not fair policy.

    If customer files ebay guarantee claim, without having any discussion with the seller, and this case is rejected by ebay,
    in above case, if seller decides to refund without any delay,
    If seller replaces the item and then case is closed, All above are counted as defects.
    Clearly this is not fair.

    Seller-cancelled transactions :
    Several times, seller receive call from buyer to cancel the COD order. what should seller do?
    Cancelling the order will have bad seller rating and buyer will not accept this item since he has already asked to cancel it.
    The buyer should be given an option to cancel the order and such cancellation should not effect seller rating.
    Also if buyer address falls in “no service” area OR requires extra time to deliver, the seller should have an option, without affecting seller rating, to cancel such order OR should be allowed additional time by ebay itself.
    But seller will be held responsible for such cases.

    Late Delivery of Item :
    Seller can only ship the item fast but there is no control on delivery OR delivery time due to various reason. Seller do not have any control on delivery time.
    While using ebay powership, we observed several times, item was handed over to courier people but updated in system after 3-4 days.
    Even currently Aramex people are returning COD items after 10-15 days. They even do not try to deliver it to buyer but returned saying buyer refused.
    For this point, Ebay should count the time when the item is handed over to courier. But as per new policy, seller will be held responsible for late delivery. Clearly this policy also is not fair.

    Feedback :
    Sellers are unable to understand why feedback revision requests have limits ?
    Due to various reason, buyer may give negative feedback in hesitation. If a seller is able to work out with buyer and now buyer is satisfied and want to change seller rating, why ebay is not allowing it ? This is nothing but an unfair policy.

    Seller resolution :
    Calling on ebay tollfree requires hours long waiting. Ebay is not improving it since years and putting unjustified conditions on sellers. This is a big drawback of ebay and it continues since years.

    I am selling on ebay since more then 10 years ( since 2004 baazee.com time ) but since last year, I never see any of my complaint solved by ebay. I do not know the reason : they lack staff or intention ?

    Actually whenever there is any new policy by ebay, it is framed assuming that, only the seller community is at fault. They never think sellers may be genuine people but even if you talk to ebay toll free for seller support, they try all possible ways, to find out seller’s fault even if the issue is very simple.
    If they are treating the sellers this way, they can not succeed.
    The story for buyer support also, is similar.

  3. I was thinking eBay is genuine and have the win-win situation for both the seller and buyers. Now it looks like they have also started penalising the honest sellers as like their rival market places like amazon, snapdeal and flipkarts.

    If this is is the case, one fine day they will loose the genuine sellers on its platform and will only sell scrap items on its site. Ideally it is more relevant to focus on our own portal.

    – S Hegde http://www.estorewale.com

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