1. dhana Reply

    Recently big drands shifting there manufacturer to vitamin n combodia, n Bangladesh like adidas,nike, denim, cause of raising labour cost in China . Can u cover this topic on ur next post.

    Tnks n all the best

  2. I am a reseller and want to use platform like shopclues.com, paytm, etc. any online tranning site pl suggest me

  3. Bhupendra Lambat Reply

    hii i just wanted to deal in funiture and other electronics equipments to china and also how i exprt in india

  4. Siddharth Reply

    very very helpful article…thanks

  5. ek Reply

    can you suggest any freight company which handles shipping, customs from China to india thanks!

  6. Sanjay Kumar K Reply

    Thank you for the article But the suggestions to sell online route through alibaba is definitely inspired from a famous online training program which is quite popular among the resellers. The definite no no items include medical aids as well

  7. Ajay Reply

    Why only PayPal as payment method for first 6 month?

  8. Avijit Sarkar Reply

    Great article! I have a few questions.
    We are a medical equipment distributor, we want to import from china and sell.
    We have finalized a vendor from alibaba, and we have an IEC code.
    The product is a Blood Pressure Monitor. They vendor will imprint our logo and send it.

    My queries are:-
    1>Will the items be shipped to my address
    2>Can I just simply start selling them, paying only VAT.
    3>Do i need any certifications or permissions before I can sell. The product is ISO13485, CE0197,Rohs,EMC.BSCI certified. Do I need to take these certificates again in my Brand name.

    Thank you

  9. Thanks for this valuable info.

    I want to sell imported chinese products with private labelling (which we see usually on samll electronics, cases and yoga mats for instance). Do i have to be registered as a company? i mean many products are there in the market without having any name of registered company on them. Plz Help.

  10. Salman Farisi Reply

    Sir,I am a reseller and I want to import minimum quantity product from China through bluedart or FedEx.could explain the procedure step by step.

  11. akash Reply

    i want to import mobile accessories from china how i sell direct in india

  12. Sanjay Reply

    Dear Sir,

    I want to purchase some electronic products from china market. the company of china wants to deposit money in western money transfer please suggest me and how to use paypal payment option.

  13. parth Reply

    i want to purchase LED screen but how mony import duty pay ….????
    and how to pay ????

  14. mohit behl Reply

    please explain the details and benefits of PayPal payments

  15. Yasha kalani Reply


    1》is it legal to pay the suppliers through paypal for reselling purpose or the paypal is just for personal use of goods?

    2) also the packages booked on wholesale websites of china never come with a bill? Can online bill be used for accounting purpose?

  16. Ibrahim khan Reply

    How I get import electronic devices etc.

  17. Vignesh Reply

    I want to import towels, quilts, etc. for wholesale business in India Which is the best place in china. To purchase lot at cheapest prices.

  18. Sravanthi Reply

    I am reseller so I am thinking to import some quantities from China through bluedart so please vl u explain the procedure step by step

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