85-year old Nalli silks accuses Snapdeal of trademark infringement


The sale of counterfeits and fakes on online marketplaces has invited much criticism from all over, with fingers being pointed at the ecommerce players for not being able to keep a grip on online sellers on the respective platforms. Although strict action is taken against sellers found violating the marketplace policies, some still do continue with their malpractices.

Adding to the list of complaints against online marketplaces, the latest one to come into light is the case of Nalli silk sarees against Snapdeal. Chennai’s 85-year old clothing brand, Nalli Chinnasami Chetty who are into premium silk sarees found that Snapdeal is using their registered trademark Nalli as a search word and images from their website to promote offer on silk sarees.

Nalli silks has issued a cease and desist notice to Snapdeal.

“It is a deliberate attempt by Snapdeal to deceive the public to unjustly enrich itself to make the public assume that the original “NALLI” silk sarees are available on their website,” Nalli said in a release.

The company spokesperson explained the issue:

  • Use of the name Nalli is copyright and trademark infringement.
  • Use of the images of the Nalli silk sarees is property infringement.
  • Buyers would think they are Nalli sarees, which is misleading. Also, once they get the product and realize the quality, it would affect their brand image.

In response to the notice, Snapdeal has said that they will take proper action as per law.

Word of caution to Indian Online Seller

Irrespective of the industry, copyright and trademark infringement is not taken lightly. It can attract serious consequences, so it’s better to steer clear of the same. Avoid using property like images and names of other brands and sellers. Establishing your brand and name requires your own identity, so might as well work on creating that and gaining credibility from your customers.


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