Is Reliance Retail set to launch its own ecommerce portal by May 2015?

2014 saw the entry of the retail giant, Reliance Group into ecommerce with its online grocery RelianceFreshDirect. If the latest reports are to be believed, Reliance Retail will soon enter ecommerce with its own portal by April or May this year.

Apparently, it will offer 4G services at 2G or 3G rates to attract and enable more customers to shop online.

Currently, the offline channels of Reliance Retail has more than 2.5 million customers per week and its loyalty programme “Reliance One” has over 6.75 million customers.


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  1. goinindia Reply

    its time they saw the light….this should have been done by them 2-3 years back, since this business is a natural extension of their existing business and can be started with very little investment, but will be able to generate cash flow from day one. The whole problem is will they be able to manage correctly….that remains to be seen.

    • Pooja Vishant Reply

      But do you think the smaller first-time or flourishing sellers might get affected when established retailers enter the ecommerce space?

      • goinindia Reply

        No small esellers wont be affected as they are being hammered out of business by amazon/snapdeal/shopclues/flipkart . Imagine a small eseller trying to put up a fight against a company that has made a loss of 1500 crores by subsidising products ….
        There surely is a case against them under MRTP act…but poor small sellers have no clue or money to finance a case in the court.

  2. Guest Reply

    But if established players enter the ecommerce space, do you think the smaller first-time or flourishing sellers might get affected?

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