Flipkart pushes small sellers, distances WS Retail


It seems like small sellers will finally have a fair chance to have better autonomy on Flipkart, with the ecommerce giant planning to put its in-house brand WS Retail on the backburner. This move has come in the light of the blazing growth of ecommerce, which is putting unending pressure on Flipkart to keep increasing their workforce and warehouse area.

The ‘innovative’ solution

Flipkart has decided to distance itself from WS retail, allowing it to spin off into self-sufficient business model, while focusing on external sellers. As part of this, Flipkart will now apparently encourage sellers to become more involved in the selling process, while emphasizing on the feature wherein Flipkart will pick up goods from the seller’s original store/ home.

It is interesting to read this article, which subtly accepts the fact that Flipkart was hitherto revolving around the dynamics of WS Retail, with other sellers being side-lined in their business strategy. We had earlier carried an article that explained this interesting phenomenon that is peculiar to online marketplaces in India today.

However, it is now heartening to see other sellers being given a better footage in online marketplaces. We hope other biggies in ecommerce follow suit!

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