eBay ties up with SMEcorner to facilitate loans for online sellers


While on one side, we hear about eBay sellers facing difficulties on the getting their grievances resolved, on the other there’s good news for them. eBay India has tied up with SMEcorner.com, which is India’s first online platform for small and medium enterprises. They focus on handling financial concerns of online retailers including facilitating loans.

“We are delighted to partner with eBay India. The tie-up has given us the opportunity to expand our bandwidth and has given us the confidence to penetrate the growing ecommerce sector even deeper. Our aim is to narrow the gap between SME enterprises and lenders by guiding and providing them access to avenues to meet their funding requirements,” said Mr. Samir Bhatia, Founder & CEO, SMEcorner.com.

How will the tie-up help online sellers?

“Ecommerce is becoming mainstream and is attracting entrepreneurs to set-up their business online. Many SME ecommerce merchants are also looking to scale their existing online businesses but are unable to do so, due to lack of financing options. The tie-up with SMECorner.com will help fulfil the funding needs of over 50,000 sellers on ebay.in,” said Pankaj Ukey, Head Seller Services, eBay India.  “Members of Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) and Delhi Hindustani Mercantile Association (DHMA), with whom eBay India has an MoU, also stand to benefit through this tie-up with SMECorner.com,” added Mr. Ukey.

How does SMEcorner work?

SMEcorner aims to do away with time consuming and hassling financial processes faced by entrepreneurs taking their business online. Instead of waiting for middlemen to do the loan processing and follow-ups, they can use the various tools offered by entrepreneurs like Loan Eligibility Calculator and Loan EMI Calculator to manage their financial aspects.

Exclusive to eBay?

In November last year, Flipkart tied up with SMEcorner to facilitate loan processing for sellers operating through its platform.


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  1. Kanti Reply

    Does anyone have any experience with any of these companies – LendingKart, CapitalFloat, SMECorner? I am interested in applying for credit, but would like to hear from fellow sellers about their experiences first. Thank you very much in advance.

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