PayTM reaching more customers with planned 50,000 retail outlets


PayTM is taking a step ahead to improve its reach to customers. According to reports, it is planning to establish up to 50,000 retail outlets that will allow over 2.4 crore customers to load cash on their wallet. In addition to this, it is also looking to rope in retail or ‘kirana’ stores as merchants to accept digital payments. The company has also said that it has linked its account to the banking system to allow cash withdrawals from the prepaid account – which will encourage more and more people to take up its offering. Also, customers will be able to easily fund their PayTM accounts, instead of using credit and debit cards that require the transaction cost to be paid to the card issuer. PayTM does not view banks as a fatal competitor though. This is explained by Amit Lakhotia, VP-payments at Paytm, “It is a game of customer experience and whoever does well will succeed. We don’t look at banks as competitors; rather we see them as partners.”

Lakhotia reckons, “For India to move from a cash economy to a cashless one, we need to have a number of places where cash can be converted into electronic form. Until now, the user was able to do wallet-to-wallet transfers. Now, he will be able to transfer funds to the bank as well. Although we want customers to use the wallet for online payments, we expect this facility to boost customer confidence.”

This is a great move by PayTM, especially since these kirana stores could potentially be used to improve their sales as well. This could be done by including PayTM’s online catalog in the store’s offerings, wherein the seller could present PayTM’s products via tablets. For every in-store digital sale made, the kirana owner could be offered a fee. Also, these kirana stores could be used as pick-up and drop-off point which could manage product deliveries and customer returns.

PayTM could very well be the pioneer of a symbiotic digital with brick-and-mortar store helping to sell more and more!


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  1. esellerindia Reply

    payTM is going to be the next big thing in ecommerce. They are following a perfect growth trajectory..

    • Mobile Gears Reply

      Unfair Policy for sellers BEWARE OF PAYTM NEW SELLER’S

      PAYTM is not so Beautiful As it seems to be Sharing my Personal Experience.!!

      I had been seller at Paytm since Jan 2015 Also recieved my very first eCommerce order via PAYTM BUT unfortunately have faced following list of problems.

      1) No contact number for seller Help.

      2) Emails are not answered till I add some seniors in CC that too need to send mails 4-5 times.

      3) Out of 200 orders 53 are showed REFUNDED without any notification to the Seller.

      3.b) OUT of 70 Refunded, reason of refund is not provided to seller.

      3.c) On contacting the Buyer’s directly they say that product has been delivered to them and also they are using it. In-fact PAYTM has not given any type of refund to them too.

      (It shows seller as REFUNDED)

      3.d) If either product delivered were damaged in TRANSIT no claims available for seller from the Shipping Partner. ( Full Loss only to the Seller Logistic partners don’t have to bear their mistakes.)

      4) Very late Payment report of REFUNDED orders.

      5) In order to list a Catalog I have sent them mail Attached with Catalog file 4 times in last 15 days still catalog not uploaded instead i got a call from Some SH**IT saying that why did I marked mail to their seniors ( RESULT:- now they have completed deleted my catalog just to take revenge I too have call recordings.)

      5.b) Reason was said that PAYTM’s Internal DATA has been Corrupted ( Proof attached see this)

      5.c) Is this the security of Paytm’s servers? Clearly shows Just an form of revenge taken by SH**IT and GA*V**A (So called Paytm’s Employees Catalogue Assist Team )in order to delete my listings.

      5.d) They sent the contact number at end of their email reply but on calling on that number (During office hours) they complain that its private number dont call (WHY THE HELL YOU PROVIDE IT THEN?)

      6) Been an Indian Based company we thought it might be seller friendly but PAYTM proved it Wrong Many times one after other.

      7) We get mails from the Manager of order process Team Stating “WELCOME TO PAYTM! Call me or email me if you have any problem” but failed to get any other reply to the queries.

      8) Paytm assigns managers to MERCHANTS but still of no use no call pickups, Ignoring mails (as if not alive) and off course we will get reply as soon as we add CC to seniors just WOW !!


      Conclusion:- I am just an Student and also an seller on most of other Trusted eCommerce platform but such corrupted organisation and unprofessional environment just helps



      Play more my creating confusions between Buyers and Seller and Finally as usual you will win !!

      Still hope that Paytm will work hard with company “ALIBABA” more then own Countrymen.


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