Online retail industry hiring creative professionals in India

With the ecommerce industry booming in India, there are several other careers that are highly in demand. The online retail industry has already created many jobs for professionals in the logistics industry. According to recent reports, apparently there are many more offbeat careers that are hot property in ecommerce right now.

Owing to the importance of good user interface for a successful online shopping experience, interaction designers are highly in demand. This is explained by Sridhar Dhulipala, co-founder, Bizosys Technologies, who was earlier Principal UI Designer at Infosys. He says, “Within e-commerce companies, interaction designers have to design specifically for digital natives who have a short attention span. Along with this interaction designers also need to track content consumption, transaction and CRM data to connect the dots and fine tune user experiences. Conceptual skills and creative visualisation abilities will continue to matter along with complementary data driven approaches.”

UI/ UX developers are also needed to ensure that an ecommerce site is not plagued by technical glitches and problems in the selling and buying process, especially during the high pressure they face during popular national online sales.

Secondly, what is the use of having great products when customers don’t how to contextualise them or don’t know what to buy? This explains the rising need for ecommerce merchandising specialists, who work hard to promote sales on the website by keeping its merchandising in mind. Amit Agarwal, head HR & Admin, HomeShop18 explains, “In an e-commerce business one of the most critical roles is that of an e-commerce merchandising expert who can attract new and varied customer segments by placing the right kind of products on the website. Such people, who have the aptitude to identify new products portfolios, are always in demand within our industry.”

Last but not the least; digital marketers are highly in demand. This is because just as online retail is racing ahead usual brick-and-mortar stores, digital marketing is surpassing traditional marketing. Abhineet Sawa, digital marketing head at explains why these professionals are so important, “There is a demand for digital marketing experts who can conceptualise customised content for marketing campaigns designed for diverse media – such as social, mobile and sales enablement platforms. Having compelling creative story telling abilities is an essential trait.”


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