Indian e-learning sector to rake in millions within three years
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We always knew Indian parents pushed their children to excel scholastically, but now this is speaking even in the online retail industry. Using the wide customer reach available through ecommerce, various education materials are already being sold on big portals like Snapdeal.

However, it seems like e-learning will be a hot category in Indian ecommerce very soon. According to research reports, the Indian e-learning industry will be valued at about USD 1.29 billion by 2018. This is because education has always been the crux of India’s development policies and there is still a huge gap between those wanting to learn and the actual reach of schools. Maybe ecommerce can be a unique saviour to this developmental challenge by actually allowing easy access to various online learning resources and books? Also, since the digital version of learning resources is easier to access and circulate as well as cheaper to produce, it can become a win-win situation for everyone.

When Snapdeal launched its own Online Education Marketplace, the first to make a debut in the Indian e-learning sector, we had promptly reported it.  Now the research figures have backed this foray into the education sector, with numbers promising a huge growth in profits in the e-learning field.

This is encouraging news as it epitomises the original use of the internet- to dissipate knowledge and information to everyone!

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