eBay ties up with NIIT for ePro certification


Apart from providing a platform for selling products, eBay also gives training to sellers and ecommerce aspirants once in a while to enable them to action their plan of online selling. In May this year, eBay tied up with Speakwell Academy to commence ePro certification program to train aspiring ecommerce enthusiasts to become professionals in the area.

eBay seems to have taken the certification program a step further by tying up with NIIT to offer the ePro certification course. NIIT is a talent development firm and has years of experience in educating people with new computer/internet related skills and such.

eBay has initiated what could probably be called as the ecommerce industry’s first certification per se, to:

  • train fresh graduates in the field and encourage them to come on board the online selling space.
  • bridge the divide between required skills and existing skillset in the industry.
  • create more opportunities for sellers to tap into the growing ecommerce market.

Why has eBay launched ePro?

Latif Nathani, Managing Director, eBay India, said, “eBay India has enabled businesses for over 50,000 merchants of all sizes and it has been our constant endeavor to expand the seller base. However, the widening skill gap would become an impediment to the growth of the ecommerce industry. The ePro certification will not only build an employable workforce, but will also aid Government’s endeavor to skill 500 million people by 2022, who can contribute towards the ’Make in India’ campaign.”

“According to the eBay India Online Business Index, the online domestic entrepreneurs employ an average of 4.8 full time staff and 1.6 part-time staff. This is projected to increase to 5.2 full time staff and 2.1 part time staff. The ePro certification will help to bridge this gap as well,” he added.

NIIT’s take on ePro

Shivan Bhargava, Group President – Skills and Careers Group, NIIT Ltd., said, “With the changing face of retail, where online platforms are gaining popularity among consumers, we perceive immense opportunity in the ecommerce space. Hence we have joined hands with eBay India to empower local entrepreneurs with global aspirations, by bringing them at par with the international standards.”

The focus through the program is on improving skill sets so the scalable skills framework will be enhanced adding to employment options. The idea is to train people in all aspects of retail like sales, operations, payments, merchandise, logistics etc. and equip them to face the challenges in the industry.

Topics covered in the program

The ePro program will cover a variety of topics to help merchants to sell online, including:

  • Introduction to ecommerce
  • Marketplaces and eBay
  • Selling process
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

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  1. goinindia Reply

    I would like to give a suggestion to latif nathani form ebay. Dear sir,

    1) Rather than educating your sellers , why dont you try to increase and improve the quality of your telephone handling associates, because these guys are absolutely dumb!.

    2) Please empower the telephone support staff by bringing the claims team on backend support so they can interact with sellers and proactively resolve sellers problems. Why are you hiding these guys behind ?

    3) Rather than trying to increase the number of sellers on ebay, why dont you provide them with quality tools to do business on ebay. Please give them good managers so that they are able to develop the sellers.

    4) Please scrap the new payment rules of silver and platinum category payments as it benefits nobody but just is festering resentment against specifically after your new rule that you will not remove negative feedbacks if buyer posts “remove negative feedback ” as a followup comment.

    5) 90% of sellers on flipkart,snapdeal,shopclues,tom,dick,harry are old ebay sellers and by selling on all of these other portals its just their way of showing you(i mean ebay) the finger. If you would have taken care of them in the first place you wouldnt be having competition from the likes of the above.

    6) please sit down with your highly paid team and ask them why sellers are not actively selling on ebay or why ebay sales are going down…

    I dont think it will be too differnt from the following list:

    a) Unfair claims adjustment.
    b) no support from account manager.
    c) Too many negative feedbacks.
    d) powership team mess
    e) unfair payment structures.

  2. sunsys Reply

    Mr, Nathani cares 2 hoots for sellers, all he is interested in is his FAT salary and perks. What a load of crap this is NIIT thing, this is good way to make money, our hard earned money which ebay keeps for 21 days and enjoys. They have given all their work to call centres who employ 3rd grade useless 10th std pass employees and then ebay unleashes such scum upon the sellers in name of customer care and claim adjusters and even account managers.

    @goindia has very rightly summarised and he leaves out nothing that all good sellers and more so, good buyers have shown ebay the finger and moved to better avenues and all ebay has now is bad sellers and bad buyers.

    ebay’s india glorious days are over, time is up ebay just leave.

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