1. esellerindia Reply

    Dear Pooja,

    2 of the above 3 points are incorrect

    2) link building is more important, yes totally true but only from authoritative sources, also wring link building can cause google penalities.

    3) Don’t Optimize only for Google Search: only google counts for ecommerce companies in india because of very low search share for bing and yahoo, secondly if your page is ranked in the top 3 slots on google for a particular keyword, thats exactly what the buyer is looking for.

    • Pooja Reply

      Hi eseller! 🙂

      Thank you for taking time to read the article and sharing your comments. However, i still stand by the lines written.
      2) Link building- like you say it is important, and wrong link building and excessive use of keywords also known as ‘keyword stuffing’ is definitely penalized by Google. One musty be careful when implementing SEO on a large scale

      3) Optimizing only for Google- what i meant here was that we are so busy optimizing for search engines (be it Google, Bing or Yahoo) we forget that actual search is for the buyers. These buyers may land on your e-store through SEO, but what about getting relevant results within your store. That is what i wanted to highlight.

      We can always discuss more on this 🙂

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